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This page contains old items in date order for the year 2003.
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Review - PerfumeA 'Big Read' Title
Perfume by Patrick Suskind

An acclaimed bestseller and international sensation, Patrick Suskind's classic novel Perfume provokes a terrifying examination of what happens when one man's indulgence in his greatest passion - his sense of smell - leads to murder..
.. more»»
Chrissi 19th December 2003 [7/10]
Review - EvilutionEvilution by Shaun Jeffrey
Sent to BookLore by the author Shaun Jeffrey Evilution tells the story of the picturesque village of Paradise which has been Shrouded by fog for nearly two years. Having won a cottage in a competition she can’t remember entering, Chase Black moves to Paradise, only to discover that its beauty is skin deep – murder and madness fester in its shadows. A gripping horror story that will have you on the edge of your seat... more»»

Nigel 30th November 2003 [8/10]
Review - CoralineCoraline by Neil Gaiman
Ray has sent in a review for Coraline by Neil Gaimen. Coraline finds that there is a secret corridor behind a locked door, a corridor that takes her into another house – a terrifying house very similar to her own, but with counterfeit parents and a terrible quest on which her survival, and so much more, depends...
Ray 30th November 2003 [8/10]
Review - A Man Called StanA Man Called Stan by Jay Henning
Paul has sent in a review for A Man Called Stan by Jay Henning. Stan is an ordinary man whose story includes some quite unusual perspectives. His life flows along its turbulent course with rapids, twists and gentle stretches, while he tries to stay afloat and to find some happiness and meaning. Telling a highly original story with a fresh and engaging style, this is a book that is different to any that you have read before... more»»

Paul Lappen 30th November 2003 [9/10]
Review -  Churchmouse TalesChurchmouse Tales by Violet Toler
Molly has sent in a review for Churchmouse Tales by Violet Toler. The book, through puppet plays, provides a teaching aid offering young children truths, values, and religious tenets. Churchmouse Tales is a nice work presented by writer Toler for use in libraries, schools, churches and camp meetings. Illustrations and patterns included are nicely drawn, easy to follow, will produce credible little mice for the reader’s use...
Molly Martin 30th November 2003 [8/10]
Review - FuryFury by G. M. Ford
Alma has done a quick review for Fury by G. M. Ford kindly sent to BookLore by the publisher Pan. A man called Walter Leroy Himes has been imprisoned as a serial killer and is to be executed in 6 days time. New evidence in case comes when a witness admits that she lied at the original trial but she then vanishes. Newspaper reporter Frank Corso is asked to find the real killer but the original witness disappears...
Alma 30th November 2003 [7/10]
Review - Northern LightsA 'Big Read' Title
Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

Philip Pullman's Northern Lights deserves its place in the Big Read Top 21 according to Chrissi. When Lyra’s friend Roger disappear, she and her daemon, Pantalaimon, determine to find him. The ensuing quest leads them to the bleak splendour of the North, where armoured bears rule the ice and witch-queens fly through the frozen skies – and where a team of scientists is conducting experiments too horrible to be spoken about.
.. more»»
Chrissi 17th November 2003 [9/10]
Review - American GodsAmerican Gods by Neil Gaiman
Ray has sent in a review for American Gods by Neil Gaimen. After three years in prison, Shadow has done his time. Two days before he is due to get out, his wife Laura dies in a mysterious car crash, apparently in adulterous circumstances. Dazed, Shadow makes his way back home only to encounter en route the enigmatic Mr Wednesday, who claims to be a refugee from a distant war, a former god and the king of America...
Ray 17th November 2003 [6/10]
Review - MediscamsMediscams by Chuck Whitlock
Few people realise how much trust they put in someone simply because they can’t believe a person would pretend to be a Doctor. Mediscams by Chuck Whitlock will open your eyes to some of the cons pulled by the unscrupulous. Don't take medical advice at face value... you have a right to check on those qualifications... more»»

Paul Lappen 17th November 2003 [9/10]
Review -  Common FoeCommon Foe by David D Furlotte
Molly has sent in a review for Common Foe by David D Furlotte. People that believe in UFOs maintain that in the middle of a hot summer near Roswell, the U.S. Air Force covered something up. However, 50 years after the fact, Jean-Val Fincoeur and his friends discover what the U.S. Air Force TRULY tried to cover up in July of 1947, and the most powerful intelligence agency in the world will do anything to stop the secret from getting out...
Molly Martin 17th November 2003 [8/10]
Review - How to Live on 24 Hours a DayHow to Live on 24 Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett
Paul has sent in a review for How to Live on 24 Hours a Day by Arnold Bennett. This classic personal time-management book originally published in 1908 has inspired generations of men and women to live deliberate lives. Not just another collection of timesaving tips, this book is more of a challenge to leave behind mundane everyday concerns, focus on pursuing one's true desires, and live the fullest possible life... more»»

Paul Lappen 17th November 2003 [9/10]
Review -  Terror in the TankTerror in the Tank by Calley Moore
Mystery writer Madaline Ascot has just completed her latest work of fiction when events in her own life send her into a realm of a different type of mystery. While attempting to indulge herself in some much needed relaxation, the news of the sudden horrifying death of an old friend and boss sails to her ears from the television set. Peter Collins, the owner of the M.P. Collins Aquarium, has been brutally attacked by a tiger shark housed in the facility. Terror in the Tank by Calley Moore is reviewed by Molly...
Molly Martin 17th November 2003 [9/10]
Review - Monterey ShortsMonterey Shorts edited by Walter Gourlay, Chris Kemp and Frances Rossi
Victim has reviewed Monterey Shorts, a collection of short stories by authors who all live in the Monterey area. Covering a variety of locales, time-frames, and life-styles from the Central Coast of California, the stories are all written by members of FWOMP, with delightful touches of John Steinbeck, Sam Spade and Frank Herbert... more»»
Victim 31st October 2003 [8/10]
Review - Context CluesContext Clues by James C. Ferguson
Do you enjoy Monty Python, P.G. Wodehouse and Rowan Atkinson’s Blackadder? If so, then you might just enjoy Context Clues, an irreverent new novel from James C. Ferguson that combines both humour and history as it chronicles the fictional exploits of history’s worst spy... more»»
Chrissi 31st October 2003 [7/10]
Review - MissionMission by Margaret Wyman
Paul has sent in a review for Margaret Wyman's historical novel Mission. November 5, 1775 – The Kumeyaay Indians attacked in force overnight, storming the Spanish Presidio at Misión San Diego. Despite early successes, they were repulsed by the Spaniards, beginning what would prove to be the Kumeyaays’ near-extinction as a sovereign nation... more»»

Paul Lappen 31st October 2003 [9/10]
Review -  Plastic GodsPlastic Gods by William Manchee
Twenty-eight years after Rich Coleman and Erica Fox narrowly survive their chilling Death Pact they are still together and thriving in the sequel Plastic Gods. They now have a son Matt who has just married and is running a very lucrative law practice specializing in consumer bankruptcy. Matt, however, is cursed with his mother’s greed and is obsessed with attaining great wealth and fortune...
Molly Martin 31st October 2003 [9/10]
Review - Real Life NotesReal Life Notes by Kenneth Jedding
Kenneth Jedding's Real Life Notes: Reflections and Strategies for Life After Graduation
is a mentoring guide for new graduates and twentysomethings, especially for careers, but also for perspective, relationships and the parents. Subjects covered: getting started, making money, figuring out what to do if you feel clueless, and much more... more»»
Paul Lappen 31st October 2003 [9/10]
Review - The Augur’s VoiceThe Augur’s Voice by Kerry Orchard
Molly has sent in a review for The Augur’s Voice by Kerry Orchard. Sarah Tims has made a decision to end the pain of her life only to find herself crossed to a place where facing her own pain is her only way home. Sarah struggles with coming to terms with her predicament.... Is she in hell? Is she insane? Or has she really crossed to this strange and wondrous world...
Molly Martin 31st October 2003 [9/10]
Review - Nobody TrueNobody True by James Herbert
I wasn’t there when I died. I was having one of those out-of-body dreams, the kind where you feel your spirit has left your body and it isn’t really a dream. You may have read about the phenomenon, you might even have experienced it yourself. But somebody murdered me while I was away. Mutilated me. Chopped me to pieces. Left nothing for me to come back to. Just one of the meanings behind the title of James Herbert's new novel Nobody True... more»»

Nigel 15th October 2003 [8/10]
Review - Government ProjectGovernment Project by Robert Kelley
Victim has reviewed Government Project sent in by the author Robert Kelley. Computer programmer Tom Chambers thought he was developing one section of a program for a genetic engineering project. Upon testing, the project turns out to be a weapons system for the government. Mild-mannered Tom realizes his country is in jeopardy if all the disks end up in the wrong hands... more»»

Victim 15th October 2003 [7/10]
Review - High-Tech Careers for Low Tech PeopleHigh-Tech Careers for Low Tech People by William A. Schaffer
It's no secret that the high-tech industry is one of the most vital segments of our economy. Now, is it fair that just because you preferred reading Shakespeare in college to studying microprocessors you should miss out on a high-paying job in this industry? Enter William Schaffer, author of High-Tech Careers for Low Tech People amd manager at Sun Microsystems. A self-confessed former technophobe who's convinced that even if you think Wintel is a glass cleaner, there's still hope... more»»

Paul Lappen 15th October 2003 [9/10]
Review - Anasazi HarvestAnasazi Harvest by R. Leland Waldrip
With the glut of alien stories in the news, the reader may be tempted to think that the alien scene has been defined. Not so! Anasazi Harvest takes a startlingly different look. Your semi-civilized, other side will be nudged awake by this tale of a Navajo guide troubled by strange happenings in his community: murderous events and strange dreams. Chaco Rivers Joseph makes a bizarre discovery - something that will involve him in a war between alien forces determined to be the sole benefactors of the Anasazi heritage...
Molly Martin 15th October 2003 [9/10]
Review - I Need a Man's Pants to WashI Need a Man's Pants to Wash by Lorie Kleiner Eckert
In I Need a Man's Pants to Wash Lorie Kleiner Eckert presents a collection of essays on everything from cappuccino and pizza parlours to personal ads and Gwyneth Paltrow, with a little square dancing thrown in. This collection of thirty-one essays ranges far and wide across the landscape of “singlehood,” with an addictive blend of heartache, chutzpah, and yiddishkeit... more»»

Paul Lappen 15th October 2003 [9/10]
Review - Bioterror: Manufacturing Wars the American WayBioterror: Manufacturing Wars the American Way by Ellen Ray and William H. Schaapn
The editors of Bioterror: Manufacturing Wars the American Way, Ellen Ray and William Schaap, are two prominent U.S. authorities on the CIA. This well-documented book backgrounds several cases of development and use by the United States of chemical-biological warfare, from Agent Orange in Vietnam to the Gulf War syndrome of the 1990s... more»»

Paul Lappen 15th October 2003 [9/10]
Review - The Illmoor ChroniclesThe Ratastrophe Catastrophe - The Illmoor Chronicles by David Lee Stone
Chrissi has reviewed The Ratastrophe Catastrophe - The Illmoor Chronicles by David Lee Stone. Illmoor – a country of contradictions, conflict and chicanery. A country riddled with light and dark… and a capital overrun with... RATS. The nice young man Diek Wustafa, hired to rid the city of its plague, has run off with its children... more»»

Chrissi 22nd September 2003 [8/10]
Review - Confessions of Shameless Self PromotersConfessions of Shameless Self Promoters by Debbie Allen
Paul has sent in a review for Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters by Debbie Allen. It is a unique marketing book, which will provide you with tips, tools and a wealth of ideas to help you market and promote your business to another level of success! more»»

Paul Lappen 22nd September 2003 [9/10]
Review - Lady of the Two LandsLady of the Two Lands by Elizabeth Delisi
Many thanks to Molly for sending in this review of Elizabeth Delisi's Lady of the Two Lands. One minute, Hattie Williams is in a museum, sketching a gold necklace that belonged to Hatshepsut, first female Pharaoh of Egypt; and the next, she's lying in a room too archaic to be the museum, with a breathtakingly handsome, half-naked man named Senemut bending over her...
Molly Martin 22nd September 2003 [9/10]
Review - Holy Land, Whose Land?Holy Land, Whose Land? by Dorothy Drummond
From Abraham to Arafat, the Holy Land has long been a cauldron of conflict. Holy Land, Whose Land? investigates the complex political and philosophical choices that have perpetuated the incessant rivalry between Israel and the surrounding Arab states.… more»»

Paul Lappen 22nd September 2003 [9/10]
Review - Continental DivideContinental Divide by Naveed Burney
Denise O'Brien has reviewed Continental Divide by Naveed Burney. A journey into adventure, mystery and intrigue; this is a personal journey of Dave Marsupial in a mission of dare to uncover the truth, for his spiritual need and his resolve to avenge his friend's murder. It is a story of adventure in a world peopled by heroes and villains, the characters ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other - the good and the evil...
Denise O'Brien 22nd September 2003 [9/10]
Review - What Parents Need to Know About Sibling AbuseWhat Parents Need to Know About Sibling Abuse by Vernon R. Wiehe
Is what happens in your family just normal sibling rivalry or could it be called sibling abuse? What Parents Need to Know About Sibling Abuse, by Vernon R. Wiehe, is an instructive guide that will help you answer this question and help you break any cycle of violence, verbal or physical… more»»

Paul Lappen 22nd September 2003 [9/10]
Review - Charles DarwinCharles Darwin by Cyril Aydon
Kindly sent in to BookLore by the author Cyril Aydon this new biography about Charles Darwin is a moving tale of a gifted and incredibly lucky man. Apart from his poor health his life was his own and this freedom gave him the time to think... and we all know the outcome of those deliberations... more»»

Nigel 13th September 2003 [8/10]
Review - Mother of KingsMother of Kings by Poul Anderson
In Mother of Kings grandmaster Poul Anderson blends historical and mythological characters, science fiction and fantasy crafting a novel of magic, mystery and the might of ancient nations to rival Marian Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon… more»»

Paul Lappen 13th September 2003 [9/10]
Review - The Ugly PrincessThe Ugly Princess by Elizabeth K. Burton
The king is dead long live the queen! Well, not if the King of Nadwich and the dead monarch's three royal ministers have anything to say about it. It's up to Sir Christopher Evergild, the Royal Champion, to see that the new queen survives to take her throne. Chris is prepared to do his duty, even if The Ugly Princess does turn out to be the lunatic she's always been rumoured to be… more»»

Paul Lappen 13th September 2003 [9/10]
Review - Working the Hard Side of the StreetWorking the Hard Side of the Street by Kirk Alex
Paul has sent in a review for Working the Hard Side of the Street by Kirk Alex, the second in as many months. Like Victim, Paul found the collection of short stories and poetry thoughtful and very moving... more»»

Victim 13th September 2003 [9/10]
Review - Jennifer GovernmentJennifer Government by Max Barry
Chrissi has finally reviewed Jennifer Government by Max Barry. In the future, the world will be run by giant American corporations. Everybody will be so happy, tax-free and rich that they will change their name to that of their company. It will be a free market paradise! Which is where Hack Nike comes in... more»»

Chrissi 30th August 2003 [7/10]
Review - Supreme Commander GeorgeSupreme Commander George by Markus Thyme
In Supreme Commander George by Markus Thyme we are taken into a future where universal peace has finally been achieved. Watch, as the human species begins to expand and colonize the galaxy. See what happens when they are taken by surprise by the warships of an alien race. Suffer with these gentle souls as, totally unaccustomed to violence, they watch the relentless destruction of their settlements…more»»

Paul Lappen 30th August 2003 [8/10]
Review - FrequenciesFrequencies By Joshua Ortega
Denise has sent in a review for Joshua Ortega's Frequencies. At the turn of the century, a technology was created which allowed people's thoughts to be monitored as electromagnetic wavelengths and frequencies. In 2012, the Frequency Emissions Act was passed, creating a special division of the FBI, the Freemon, to isolate and detain individuals who infected others with their illegal frequencies. After a wave of mass arrests, a world of convenience and security materialises...
Denise 30th August 2003 [8/10]
Review - Portals in a Northern SkyPortals in a Northern Sky by Charles Douglas Hayes
Transport Yourself Through Time and Thought with Portals in a Northern Sky by Charles Douglas Hayes. Paul has sent in a review for this deftly woven story crossing genres, from thriller to adventure, science fiction to historical, while discussing philosophy and literature all the way... more»»

Paul Lappen 30th August 2003 [9/10]
Review - CoyoteCoyote by Allen M. Steele
Coyote marks a dramatic new turn in the career of Allen M. Steele, Hugo Award-winning author of Chronospace. Epic in scope, passionate in its conviction, and set against a backdrop of plausible events, it tells the brilliant story of Earth’s first interstellar colonists - and the mysterious planet that becomes their home…more»»

Paul Lappen 14th August 2003 [8/10]
Review - The Princess and the PekineseThe Princess and the Pekinese by Trisha Adelena Howell
Rachel Newcombe has kindly sent in a review for the children's book The Princess and the Pekinese by Trisha Adelena Howell. Running away from home following the arrival of a new puppy Princess Lillian soon finds out life prehaps wasn't as bad at home as she thought... more»»

Rachel Newcombe 14th August 2003 [8/10]
Review - Working the Hard Side of the StreetWorking the Hard Side of the Street by Kirk Alex
Victim has reviewed Working the Hard Side of the Street by Kirk Alex. A dark collection of short stories and poetry that have some real feeling behind them... judging by the seriously thoughtful expression left on Victim's face after he had finished it... more»»

Victim 8th August 2003 [7/10]
Review - A Faint Cold FearA Faint Cold Fear by Karin Slaughter
Kindly sent to BookLore by the publisher A Faint Cold Fear is Karin Slaughter's third novel. Sara Linton, medical examiner in the small town of Heartsdale, is called out to an apparent suicide on the local college campus. The mutilated body provides little in the way of clues - and the college authorities are keen to avoid a scandal - but for Sara and police chief Jeffrey Tolliver, things don't add up... more»»

Chrissi 29th July 2003 [8/10]
Review - Good OmensA 'Big Read' Title
Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Victim has sent in the first review to tie in with BookLore's Big Read, errr.... tie in. Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman is a true comedic classic that everyone should read, especially the Pope. According to the Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter - the world's only totally reliable guide to the future - the world will end on Saturday. Next Saturday, in fact. Just after tea...
Victim 29th July 2003 [9/10]
Review - Colossus: The Collected Science Fiction of Donald WandreiColossus: The Collected Science Fiction of Donald Wandrei, edited by Philip J. Rahman and Dennis Weiler
In the 1930s, Donald Wandrei was one of the most famous science fiction pulp writers. Before the lines were drawn between fantasy, science fiction and horror, he wrote with a dark vision of the cosmos and a poet's sense of language. Colossus: The Collected Science Fiction of Donald Wandrei is an attempt to bring back some of his short fiction...
Paul Lappen 29th July 2003 [9/10]
Review - NeverwhereNeverwhere by Neil Gaiman
Ray has sent in a review for Neverwhere by Neil Gaimen. Under the streets of London there’s a world most people could never even dream of. A city of monsters and saints, murderers and angels, knights in armour and pale girls in black velvet, this is London of the people who have fallen between the cracks...
Ray 17th July 2003 [9/10]
Review - Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J K Rowling
As you would expect the reviews for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J K Rowling are coming in thick and fast. This time we have Victim's thoughts on the latest blockbuster that is eclipsing other book sales by orders of magnitude. Amazing really when you think about it... more»»

Victim 17th July 2003 [9/10]
Review - OutcastOutcast by Michael Woods
Sent in by the author Michael Woods Outcast is a gripping thriller that pulls no punches. Jade, drug addict and prostitute, wakes up with her housemate dead in bed beside her and thinks she's to blame. Rather than wait for the police to accuse her of murder, Jade's solution is to frame a mug punter; her worst mistake yet because the man she targets is a brain-damaged Kosovo veteran intent on making snuff movies... with Jade in the starring role... more»»

Chrissi 9th July 2003 [7/10]
Review - Wegener’s JigsawWegener’s Jigsaw by Clare Dudman
Clare Dudman has kindly sent in a copy of her novel Wegener’s Jigsaw. Told as an autobiography it is actually a work of fiction. It is the dawn of the Twentieth Century: a time of discovery and scientific revolution, when much of the world remains a mystery, waiting to be mapped and understood. And in Germany, a reckless young man named Alfred Wegener is determined to understand it all. Intrigued? Check out Victim's review and find out...
Victim 7th July 2003 [8/10]
Review - The Wee Free MenThe Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett
There's trouble on the Aching farm - a monster in the river, a headless horseman in the driveway and nightmares spreading down from the hills. And now Tiffany Aching's little brother has been stolen by the Queen of the Fairies (although Tiffany doesn't think this is entirely a bad thing). The Wee Free Men is the second childrens tale by Terry Pratchett set on the discworld. Can Tiffany and the Nac Mac Feegle help recover her little brother? Ray leads the way...
Ray 7th July 2003 [7/10]
Review - The Spiritual Guide for the Really Busy PersonThe Spiritual Guide for the Really Busy Person by Sherri Carden-McDonald
What if each day, for the rest of your life was the best day possible for you? Imagine living up to your full potential, discovering amazing things about yourself and tapping into your hidden resources. With The Spiritual Guide for the Really Busy Person no matter how busy you are, you can begin to awaken to a new vision of yourself and the world around you...
Paul Lappen 7th July 2003 [9/10]
Review - Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J K Rowling
Well, it has been a long wait but finally it is here. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J K Rowling was released, as if you didn't know, on the 21st. Chrissi was one of the people purchasing a copy at some ungodly hour and reading constantly until it was finished... does it live up to it's predecessors and the hype? Check out the review and find out, and don't worry, the review doesn't give too much of the plot away, unlike some sites we could mention... more»»

Chrissi 25th June 2003 [7/10]
Review - Road to McCarthyRoad to McCarthy by Pete McCarthy
Ray has sent in a review for Road to McCarthy by Pete McArthy. Following on from McCarthy's Bar the author travels the globe tracing his clan history until he ends up in the remote Alaskan township of McCarthy and its population of just fourteen people, but a lot more bears...
Ray 25th June 2003 [7/10]
Review - Censored 2003: The Top 25 Censored StoriesCensored 2003: The Top 25 Censored Stories - Peter Phillips, Editor
Is censorship alive and well in America? Project Censored’s annual volume aims to answer that question. Censored 2003: The Top 25 Censored Stories highlights the twenty-five most important underreported news stories over the past year and a half, alerting readers to the deficiencies in corporate media...
Paul Lappen 25th June 2003 [9/10]
Review - Rebellious ConfessionsRebellious Confessions - Victor Thorn, Editor
Vex has sent in a review for Rebellious Confessions, a collection of short stories and Poems from the online Babel Magazine. Edited by Victor Thorn they dare to be different, offering the finest in alternative, underground writing. Adults Only says Vex and his taste can be quite 'unusual' at times so I dread to think...
Vex 15th June 2003 [7/10]
Review - Destiny's GodchildDestiny's Godchild by Diana M. Johnson
Paul has sent in a review for Destiny's Godchild by Diana M. Johnson, a medieval tale of intrigue and enchantment in Frankish Gaul. Egar, a young man sent out into the world by his Master to find his destiny in the royal court in Paris...
Paul Lappen 15th June 2003 [9/10]
Review - Therapeutic YogaTherapeutic Yoga by Dr. Ali and Jiwan Brar
A guide that provides easy-to-follow, effective answers to common diseases and ailments by using yoga exercises. While many practise yoga for general body toning, Therapeutic Yoga reveals how you can use specific sequences to boost physical, mental and emotional fitness... more»»

Rachel Newcombe 15th June 2003 [9/10]
Review - Abuse Your IllusionsAbuse Your Illusions - Russ Kick, Editor
The sequel to Everything You Know Is Wrong and You Are Being Lied To, Abuse Your Illusions is a collection of articles and exposés on subjects that will not be covered in the mainstream press...
Paul Lappen 15th June 2003 [9/10]
Review - ContestContest by Matthew Reilly
Following Victim's review Nigel has now also read Contest by Matthew Reilly. Aliens decide the New York State library would be a good place to hold a galactic competition to find the ultimate warrior. However, the human contestant, Dr Stephen Swain, is not a willing participant in this fight to the death...
Nigel 8th June 2003 [7/10]
Review - It's Only Money! A Primer for WomenIt's Only Money! A Primer for Women by Allison Acken
Paul has sent in a review for It's Only Money by Allison Acken. A practical and entertaining primer for women who want to know more about money but don’t know where to start...
Paul Lappen 8th June 2003 [9/10]
Review - Notes on DirectingNotes on Directing by Frank Hauser and Russell Reich
The classic guidebook to the director's craft. In assertive, no-nonsense language, Notes on Directing delivers what every director needs to know - and what every actor, scriptwriter, and audience member wants them to know. This deceptively slim volume has the impact of a privileged apprenticeship to a great master....
Paul Lappen 8th June 2003 [9/10]
Review - The Cutting Edge of Barney Thomson The Cutting Edge of Barney Thomson by Douglas Lindsay
Ray has sent in a review for The Cutting Edge of Barney Thomson, the second novel in a very entertaining series. If you like your humour black it doesn’t come much darker or funnier than this. Can Barney elude the authorities and have a peaceful life by hiding out in a monastery? Unlikely...
Ray 7th May 2003 [9/10]
Review - With Sleep DisturbedWith Sleep Disturbed by Michael Ford
Paul has sent in a tantalising review for the intriguing sounding Victorian horror novel With Sleep Disturbed. Brice Stockton travels from Texas to pick up the body of his older brother who has apparently committed suicide when things take an ominous turn for the worse...
Paul Lappen 7th May 2003 [9/10]
Review - The Empty CafeThe Empty Café by Michael Hoffman
In The Empty Café we are treated to a collection of eight stories that take place somewhere between fantasy and reality.In the novella Solitude, the last of eight tales in this volume, Solomon Rose returns home after 22 years to confront a dilemma soluble only by murder ...
Paul Lappen 7th May 2003 [8/10]
Review - Quite Ugly One MorningQuite Ugly One Morning by Christopher Brookmyre
Chrissi has finally managed to get hold of Quite Ugly One Morning by Christopher Brookmyre, a book she has been trying to find (not too hard obviously. Ed:) for some time now. Set in the NHS it tells of skulduggery and murder at the highest levels... more»»
Chrissi 28th April 2003 [8/10]
Review - This is the PlaceThis is the Place by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Carolyn Howard-Johnson's novel This is the Place is reviewed by Paul. The story is about Mormon culture in 1950s Utah. It's also about the sting of bigotry and intolerance and how it can be disguised as love and acceptance...
Paul Lappen 28th April 2003 [8/10]
Review - ContestContest by Matthew Reilly
Victim has sent in our second review for Matthew Reilly's first novel Contest. Set in the New York State Library Dr Stephen Swain is plunged into a fight for survival... seven contestants will enter, but only one will leave...
Victim 28th April 2003 [8/10]
Review - The RemnantThe Remnant by Georgia Flosi
Paul's second review this time is The Remnant by Georgia Flosi. FBI Agent Shari Rigel, a Jonestown survivor as a child, unravels the mass suicide plan of cult leader, Father Will. Compelled to save as many as possible of the Remnant trapped in Eden, his wilderness fortress, Shari bends the rules and goes after their leader. ..
Paul Lappen 28th April 2003 [8/10]
Review - The SkinnerThe Skinner by Neal Asher
To tie in with the release of Neal Asher's The Line of Polity Nigel has reviewed the second novel set in The Polity controlled universe, The Skinner. On the planet Spatterjay arrive three travellers: Janer, bringing the eyes of the hornet Hive mind; Erlin, searching for Ambel who can teach her how to live; and Sable Keech, on a vendetta he cannot abandon, though he himself has been dead for seven hundred years...
Nigel 1st April 2003 [9/10]
Review - Sky BounceSky Bounce by Deanna Miller
Deanna Miller's charming Sky Bounce, a fantasy romance for young adults, has been reviewed by Chrissi. Hesper the Alula and her secret friend Tristan the Boytaur are forced to part sadly when Hesper is sent to the human plane. A year later, as Hesper leads the life of a high school girl with no memory of her previous life, she meets a strangely familiar boy... more»»
Chrissi 1st April 2003 [8/10]
Review - Discovering VeronicaDiscovering Veronica by Shannon Greenland
In Discovering Veronica the title character moves across the country to Amelia Island in search of a fresh start. She accepts a job at an elite private school where Dr. Rico DeAngelo is the headmaster...
Denise 1st April 2003 [9/10]
Review - VoicesVoices by Edward Bonadio
Lea Moore is a police detective in Oakland, California. Challenged by a series of crimes and an attempted assassination, she discovers true evil has set up shop in her city. Voices is a classic story of good and evil set in modern times...
Paul Lappen 1st April 2003 [9/10]
Review - With Love, With Connie With Love, With Connie by George R. Henaut
Derek has kindly sent in a review for With Love, With Connie by George R. Henaut. December 12, 1997 is an extraordinary day in Robert Mascaux's life, involving him in a family funeral, his second wedding and a birthday party for a celebrity...
Derek 1st April 2003 [9/10]
Review - Shall We Gather at the GardenShall We Gather at the Garden by Kevin L. Donihe
Paul has reviewed Shall We Gather at the Garden by Kevin L. Donihe, a 'strange' story with shades of William S. Burroughs
for the open minded out there. Be warned, however, as it may not be to every ones taste... more»»
Paul Lappen 1st April 2003 [9/10]
Review - Dead AirDead Air by Iain Banks
We see a welcome return to form for Iain Banks with his latest novel Dead Air. Ken Nott is a shock jock with Capital Live!, a London commercial radio station, who usually speaks before thinking; something that gets him in serious trouble with hilarious and frightening results...
Nigel 18th March 2003 [8/10]
Review - Tales from the LabyrinthTales from the Labyrinth by Michael Acton & Tony McNamara
Chrissi has reviewed a collection of short stories in Tales from the Labyrinth by Michael Acton and Tony McNamara; two up-and-coming new writers with very different styles... more»»
Chrissi 18th March 2003 [7/10]
Review - GildedGilded by Cathrine Karp
Catherine Karp's Hollywood Discovery Award-winning debut novel, Gilded, delves inside the late-19th-century home of Philip Brandenberg, a popular Massachusetts mayor who firmly believes in the Victorian notion that women are second-class...
Denise 18th March 2003 [9/10]
Review - Only in AmericaOnly in America by John Soltez
Paul has sent in a review for Only in America by John Soltez. It tells the story of Doug Murphy, a young American caught up in the social upheaval following a contested Presidential Election whose outcome is determined long past November...
Paul Lappen 18th March 2003 [9/10]
Review - Exhortation: Memoirs of the StrikenbergExhortation: Memoirs of the Strikenberg by Tony Vogiantzis
Lars Strikenberg has returned after three long years. In Exhortation: Memoirs of the Strikenberg, Lars, the notorious bank robber, is back and is seeking revenge on his archenemy FBI agent Andrew Dunn...
Tara 18th March 2003 [9/10]
Review - A Little Roman TherapyA Little Roman Therapy by Howard Tilley
It's a hard life being a slave... the money's terrible, the hours are long, and there's about the same chance of career advancement as a plastic surgeon suffering from a nervous twitch, but for some people that's all there is. A Little Roman Therapy by Howard Tilley takes a humorous look a Roman occupied Britannia... more»»
Chrissi 5th March 2003 [8/10]
Review - Until Next TimeUntil Next Time by Linda Alexander
In Linda Alexander's novel Until Next Time Perry Conners, a successful businessman, finds himself caught up in the battle between Good and Evil. A once-trusted woman methodically steals his every sleeping and waking moment, taking him beyond reason, dignity, even self. Which will win this very real struggle? Good or Evil? It's just a matter of time...
Denise 5th March 2003 [8/10]
Review - The Star RoverThe Star Rover by Jack London
Inspired by his friend Ed Morell, who spent five years in the barbaric San Quentin jail, The Star Rover is a searing indictment of a violent and corrupt penal system. Describing the brutality of a life behind bars, it explores the power of imagination to transcend physical hardship, and ultimately sustain hope...
Paul Lappen 5th March 2003 [9/10]
Review - Puppet ChildPuppet Child by Talia Carner
Motherhood. The most profound human experience is being put to the test in Puppet Child by Talia Carner. Caught in a nightmarish justice system Rachel Belmore is fighting to bar her charming former husband, Dr. Wesley Belmore, from molesting Ellie, their five-year-old daughter. To save Ellie, Rachel must take the law into her hands and suffer the consequences...
Denise 5th March 2003 [7/10]
Review - Barry Trotter and the Shameless ParodyBarry Trotter and the Shameless Parody by Michael Gerber
Parody - 1 an imitation of the style of a particular writer or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect - not really 2 a travesty - most certainly. Chrissi has taken a look at the amazingly successful Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody by Michael Gerber... proof, if you ever needed it, that hype sells regardless... more»»
Chrissi 5th March 2003 [1/10]
Review - KisscutKisscut by Karin Slaughter
Sara Linton is back in Karin Slaughter's new novel, Kisscut, which follows on directly from the story told in Blindsighted. Sara finds herself entangled in a horrific tragedy when what seemed at first to be an individual catastrophe proves to have wider implications. The autopsy reveals evidence of long-term abuse and self-mutilation, but when Sara and police chief Jeffrey Tolliver start to investigate, they are frustrated at every turn... more»»
Chrissi 19th February 2003 [8/10]
Review - WhippoorwillWhippoorwill by Sharon Sala
Whippoorwill is a romantic tale filled with emotion – set in a place rich with colour and even more colourful characters. From the bawdy to the banal – from the poor to the poignant...
Denise 19th February 2003 [10/10]
Review - Civilization’s Quotations: Life’s IdealCivilization’s Quotations: Life’s Ideal by Richard Alan Krieger
Sent to BookLore by the author Civilization’s Quotations presents 8000 clever and insightful sayings, organized by theme, which will enrich the prose of writers, public speakers, and anyone seeking to lead or persuade...
Denise 19th February 2003 [8/10]
Review - Promise & HonorPromise & Honor by Kim Murphy
An American Civil War romance Promise and Honor follows Amanda Graham's struggle after her husband dies a hero's death. Left with no source of income, she smuggles medical supplies for Lieutenant Colonel William Jackson and the Confederacy... more»»

Denise 19th February 2003 [10/10]
Review - Banshee RisingBanshee Rising by Walter Ihlefield
Denise has sent in a review for Banshee Rising, the first in Walter Ihlefield's thriller series involving police officer and former Navy SEAL Mitchell Parks - codenamed 'Banshee'...
Denise 19th February 2003 [9/10]
Review - Controlled ConclusionControlled Conclusion by Walter Ihlefield
In the second Mitchell Parks novel, Controlled Conclusion by Walter Ihlefield, former Navy SEAL 'Banshee' tracks down the murderer of his best friend...
Denise 19th February 2003 [9/10]
Review - Dead FamousDead Famous by Ben Elton
A Blast from the Past (hehe) after High Society last time. We have received a review from Ray for Ben Elton's previous novel Dead Famous. The story follows the fortunes of a group of reality TV contestants (à la Big Brother) when one is murdered right under the watchful eyes of the nation without the killer being identified... more»»

Puz 29th January 2003 [8/10]
Review - The Bangkok BluesThe Bangkok Blues by Larry C. Watkins
The Bangkok Blues is a taut, face-paced adventure set in exotic Thailand at the height of the Vietnam War. Robert Patrick Merlyn thought he had it made. Easy duty in a tropical paradise, the love of a beautiful woman and a trim sailboat to explore offshore islands, then one night, it exploded into betrayal, grief and sudden, violent death...
Chrissi 29th January 2003 [7/10]
Review - And Howls for us to FollowAnd Howls for us to Follow by Kenny Rose Butts
Denise has sent in her review of And Howls for Us to Follow, a selection of poetry by Kenny Rose Butts celebrating the wisest and simplest virtues of our complicated world. ...
Denise 29th January 2003 [7/10]
Review - Night WatchNight Watch by Terry Pratchett
Ray has sent in his review for Night Watch by Terry Pratchett. Still riding high in the charts this is the latest Discworld outing for Sam Vimes and the Watch. Thrown back in time Sam finds things aren't like the good old days of his memory... more»»
Ray 22nd January 2003 [8/10]
Review - Shining Mountains, Western SeaShining Mountains, Western Sea by Margaret Wyman
Denise has sent in a review for Margaret Wyman's Shining Mountains, Western Sea. An old school epic it tells the story of the Lewis & Clark Expeditions, that set out at the beginning to the 19th Century, through the eyes of the crew... more»»
Denise 22nd January 2003 [8/10]
Review - The Delphinus ChroniclesThe Delphinus Chronicles by R G Roane
In R G Roane's The Delphinus Chronicles students in California program their supercomputer to learn languages on its own. The school is next to an aquatic amusement park and the computer mistakenly learns to communicate with the resident dolphins, revealing the true origins of mankind and setting off a chain of events that threatens society... more»»
Chrissi 19th January 2003 [8/10]
Review - How to Succeed in Heaven Without Really DyingHow to Succeed in Heaven Without Really Dying by Adam McDaniel
Contrary to what the title implies, How to Succeed in Heaven Without Really Dying is not a self-help book, but a darkly satirical, modern-day urban fairy tale concerning the adventures of Micah Cohen, a young man coming to terms with life, death, and all their crummy consequences...
Nigel 19th January 2003 [8/10]
Review - High SocietyHigh Society by Ben Elton
The war on drugs has been lost. The whole world is rapidly becoming one vast criminal network. From pop stars and royal princes to crack whores and street kids, from the Groucho Club toilets to the poppy fields of Afghanistan, we are all partners in crime. High Society is a story about Britain today, a criminal nation in which everybody is either breaking the law or knows people who do...
Nigel 19th January 2003 [9/10]
Review - The Hamster Never SleepsThe Hamster Never Sleeps by Michael McGan
As with Fleeting Thoughts, in Michael McGan's first book, The Hamster Never Sleeps, we have a selection of thoughts that will have you pondering the little things in life, while at the same time causing minor injury due to all the laughing... more»»
Denise 19th January 2003 [8/10]
Review - McCarthy's BarMcCarthy's Bar by Pete McCarthy
McCarthy's Bar tells the tale of Pete McCarthy's trip around Ireland. He discovers that it has changed in many ways. Obeying the rule to "never pass a pub with your name on it", McCarthy encounters English hippies, German musicians, married priests and many other oddities journeying up and down the land...
Ray 8th January 2003 [9/10]
Review - PreyPrey by Michael Crichton
Michael Crichton's latest techno thriller Prey looks at the perils of nanotechnology. In the Nevada desert, an experiment has gone horribly wrong. A cloud of nanoparticles - micro-robots - has escaped from the laboratory. This cloud is self-sustaining and self-reproducing. It is intelligent and learns from experience. For all practical purposes, it is alive...
Nigel 5th January 2003 [8/10]
Review - Lost in a Good BookLost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde
Thursday Next returns in Lost in a Good Book, the sequel to The Eyre Affair. Literary detective and registered dodo owner Thursday begins her married life with the disturbing news that her husband of only a month drowned thirty-eight years ago, and no one but Thursday has any memory of him at all. Someone, somewhere, sometime, is responsible...
Nigel 5th January 2003 [8/10]
Review - Owner's MaualOwner's Maual by Arielle Ford & Elizabeth Goodman
You've made the comment a million times - if only that person in your life came with a set of instructions. Well now they have with the Owner's Manual. Whether you've been married forever, just met, or you've been together for a while but want to take your relationship to a new level the book you've been waiting for is here... more»»
Denise 5th January 2003 [8/10]
Review - Life as a DaymakerLife as a Daymaker by David Wagner
Long before the film Pay It Forward, David Wagner was changing the world by making other people’s day simply using intentional acts of good will. Join him and thousands of others in his book, Life as a Daymaker, as he tells you how ... more»»
Denise 5th January 2003 [8/10]
Review - Chasing the DimeChasing the Dime by Michael Connelly
Michael Connelly's new thriller Chasing the Dime is about a simple wrong number that opens a line into terror... Henry Pierce has a whole new life - new apartment, new telephone, new phone line. He discovers that someone had the number before him. The messages on his line are for a woman named Lilly, and she is in some kind of trouble... more»»
Chrissi 1st January 2003 [7/10]
Review - Unfinished BusinessUnfinished Business by Elizabeth Lucas-Taylor
Unfinished Business by Elizabeth Lucas-Taylor tells the story of Lindsay Mayer, whose life is shattered by her husband’s half-truths and too frequent absences, more so after finding the stinker in a New York hotel room with his lover... more»»
Denise 1st January 2003 [9/10]
Review - The Captain's LadiesThe Captain’s Ladies by Dorothy Nash
Denise has sent in a review for the e-book The Captain's Ladies, published by Fantasy Romances. It is an old-fashioned adventure tale set on the high seas, one filled with action and romance, suspense and surprise. Ms. Nash has created an endearing hero and fallible heroine who grows and learns through the course of the book... more»»
Denise 1st January 2003 [8/10]
The ‘Wormhole’ update
The observant ones of you out there may notice that all the latest updates are dated 30th November when it is in fact the 12th December. We have pondered long and hard on this and the only logical explanation is that the BookLore office has dropped into a Quantum Wormhole thingy… there could I suppose be a more logical reason but we can’t fathom it quite frankly :) Anyhow, a few reviews to try and stem the flow as well as some new Publication Dates and the latest Top 10... in our Universe.

Admin 30th November 2003
The ‘Top 21’ update
The Big Read Top 21 list has now been announced… has one of your best loved books made it to the final shortlist? Check out the Top 21 and have your say in the nation’s favourite. Jon has kindly added to the Clarecraft Discworld Event 2003 article regarding the very funny bricklayer ballad sung on the Karaoke night… and finally we have added seven reviews this time thanks to the hard work of the reviewers (going for the all important 500/10,000 collision… we are sure it could solve the energy crisis...)

Admin 31st October 2003
The ‘Filler’ update
What does an author and a book nut talk about? Utter rubbish basically... decide for yourself with this insight into Michael and Nigel's online conversations... quite funny actually if you have just finished a vow of 'not doing anything for a very long time'. We have also added six new reviews as well as updating the Top 10 and the Publication Dates
...and finally BookLore welcomes new reviewer Molly Martin.

Admin 15th October 2003
The ‘CCDE’ update
At long last the article for the Clarecraft Discworld Event 2003 has been posted. Check out all the photos and try and spot the BookLore on Tour tee-shirts.
We have added a new Forthcoming Updates item to try a give Authors, Publishers and Reviewers an idea of when items will be posted. It's only a guide but hopefully it is better than nothing.
We have also update the Top Ten and added a few more Publication Dates as well as six new reviews... and finally keep an eye on the counters as we may just get 10,000 unique visitors at the same time as we pass 500 reviews. Gosh, isn't life exciting?

Admin 22nd September 2003
The ‘New Look’ update
More sections have succumbed to the ‘make-over’ and have the all-new look… Interviews, Quizzes, Help Pages, Archives, Publication Dates, History, Links, Reviewers, Submissions, Top 10, Site Search (and the results page, which wasn't easy:), Banners & Logos and the Recycle Bin… everything else on the site basically. There is a good possibility of a few broken links or missing graphics. If you find any please report them to editors(at) we would be most grateful. And finally we have also included four new reviews.

Admin 30th August 2003
The ‘Side Banner’ update
Following on from the new look introduced for the Big Read we have also updated McGan’s Meditations and the BookLore Articles pages. Take a look and see what you think. Like the new look or not? Any comments are most welcome to editors(at)
We have also included two new reviews as well as updating the Publication Dates page and adding the latest news regarding the Big Read.

Admin 14th August 2003
The ‘Big Read’ update
As you can see from the new logo we have done a tie-in feature with the BBC's Big Read. Articles, lists, news and more useless information than you can shake a stick at... all here.
And while all this has been going on there has been time for another three reviews to be added.
And finally, this weekend is the Discworld Clarecraft event on which we shall be reporting next time should the reviewers manage to survive the beer tent...

Admin 29th July 2003
The ‘Gravy Train’ update*
A couple of reviews to keep things ticking over as well as a few more Publication Dates. On the news front keep an eye out for 'The Big Read' update in a few weeks when we will be listing all the titles, adding reviews, articles, etc.... basically jumping on the band wagon while it is still going strong.

Admin 17th July 2003
* Name the computer - " could keep yourselves on the gravy train for life."
The ‘Post Potter’ update
Well would you believe it... 1.7 million copies in one day, more than any other book has managed in a single year! Three new reviews added this time as well as reviewer details for Lesley ...and finally we have a new meditation which will be posted in a couple of days... crop circles no less.
Admin 7th July 2003
The ‘Quizzical’ update
It has been a while since we added a new Quiz so here you go, something nice and easy to get your noggins around.
Also added are three new reviews, including some book about Harry Potter (never heard of him myself) as well as an updated
Publication Dates page after a few release dates were missed and/or postponed... and finally the latest Top 10 has been posted..
Only 5 weeks until the Pratchett weekend. Anyone else going?

Admin 25th June 2003
The ‘Post Holiday Blues’ update
A few more reviews added as well as an updated Publication Dates page and the latest Top 10. Lesley has sent in a short article on discovering Harry Potter as we all wait for the 21st June.
Calling all Pratchett fans... BookLore is going on tour to the Clarecraft Discworld event in August so look out for a full report soon. If you are also going see if you can spot any of our reviewers... hopefully they will all be wearing BookLore t-shirts
*Chrissi has intimated she may finally catch up with her Pratchett quest... hmmm, we shall see :)
Admin 15th June 2003
The ‘Super Quick’ update
A quick update to revise Deanna Miller's author page and include an interesting article by her on Self Publishing (now removed)... more»»
Admin 12th May 2003
The 'Author' update
A bit of an author theme this time. Michael McGan has kindly agreed to make McGan’s Meditations a regular item so please welcome BookLore’s first official columnist. As well as posting in this space every now and then we will collect all the items together on a separate page for posterity (in this way you can enjoy the wit without purchasing the books… ssssh:).
Also added are author pages for Deanna Miller, Walter Ihlefield, Adam McDaniel and…. Michael McGan!
If that isn’t enough (quiet at the back:) there are three new reviews, some additional Publications Dates
and an updated Top 10.
Admin 7th May 2003
Author Interview
BookLore has secured an exclusive Interview with Howard Tilley , the author of A Little Roman Therapy. Ever wondered what a humorist with a Roman leaning thinks about? Yes. Great. We have just the thing... more»»

Chrissi and Nigel 28th April 2003
The 'Interview' update
A few reviews this time to take us past the 400 mark as well as a new author Interview (see below) and a few additional Publication Dates...
we also have a new thought from author Michael McGan but we will save that for a couple of days just to keep you on your toes... more»»
Admin 28th April 2003
The ‘No more Guinness pleeeease….’ update
Hehe, fooled you :)*
Six new reviews from a number of reviewers this time (many thanks, as always). Also added are more forthcoming Publications Dates...
...Next Time
We have been lucky enough to arrange an interview with Howard Tilley, hopefully to be posted in the not too distant future. We also have another 'Thought' from regular columnist (see what happens when you write in twice? Ed.) and author Michael McGan... check back soon.

Admin 1st April 2003
*The above is a very poor attempt at humour for which everyone but the author sincerely apologises.
The ‘No more Guinness pleeeease….’ update
Some interesting reviews this time ranging from the mainstream with Iain banks’s Dead Air to short stories from two new authors in Tales from the Labyrinth to social commentary in Only in America. We have also updated the
Top 10 as well as adding a page for new reviewer Paul Lappen... more»»
Admin 18th March 2003
Pancakiumus? Surely not?
I know, it was a bit of a shock to us as well... two updates in as many days... hello, you ok? pass the smelling salts someone... anyway, we have added an author page for Howard Tilley, err, author of A Little Roman Therapy, reviewed last time... more»»

Admin 6th March 2003
What's the Latin for Pancakes?
A few more reviews to keep you going including , sent in to BookLore by the author Howard Tilley. We have also added several more notable releases to the forthcoming Publication Dates page... and finally many thanks to Paul Lappen for his review of The Star Rover by Jack London. Hopefully we will hear more from Paul in the future.

Admin 5th March 2003
A very quick update to add a few Publication Dates for May. If you are a publisher and would like any of your books adding to this list then just drop us a quick e-mail to editors(at); always happy to help... more»»

Admin 25th February 2003
Short Update
Many thanks to Denise for the raft of reviews this month, her favourite being Whippoorwill by Sharon Sala. Chrissi has also added a review for Karin Slaughter's latest Sara Linton thriller, Kisscut, the sequel to the fantastic (and sometimes gross:) Blindsighted.

Admin 19th February 2003
The 'Prolific Ray' Update
Ray has sent in yet another review. Although not as prolific as some this is his third in as many weeks… that’s one more than last years total!! Well done m8… obviously that small deposit in you Swiss Bank Account helped .
Chrissi has added a review for The Bangkok Blues, sent to BookLore by the author Larry C. Watkins and Denise has sent in a review for And Howls for Us to Follow, our first one for a book of Poetry. Oh yes... we have also added a Link to Neil Asher's Homepage.

Admin 29th January 2003
Quick Update
A small update to add a couple of reviews (Ray will now be happy:) and sort out a bit of legalese with regard to Submissions, which no one at all will be interested in but is needed to clarify certain things and stop all the fuss sometimes encountered in this day and age... more»»

Admin 22nd January 2003
Birthday Update
It is our third birthday today so we have added a few items to celebrate. New reviews include The Delphinus Chronicles and How to Succeed in Heaven Without Really Dying, both books received directly from the authors/publishers. Denise has also sent in a review for Michael McGan's first collection of 'thoughts' in The Hamster Never Sleeps. We have a new article concerning William Shakespeare's comedy Much Ado About Nothing ...and finally, we have updated the Publication Dates for April... oh, and by the way, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is to be published on June 21... as if you didn't know.
Admin 19th January 2003
Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare
Morgan has sent in an interesting article looking at William Shakespeare's comedy Much Ado About Nothing. Never let it be said we don't have a serious side to the site... more»»

Morgan19th January 2003
Quick update for the new Top 10 as well as a few more reviews to keep you going. Not many comments on the new look so either you haven't noticed (newbie maybe) or you all like it... hope so.

Admin 5th January 2003
Author Interview
BookLore has been lucky enough to undertake an interview with Michael McGan. Witty and clever it gives a good insight into the author of Fleeting Thoughts and The Hamster Never Sleeps...
Chrissi and Nigel 1st January 2003
Publication Dates
The Publication Dates page has been updated with a goodly number of titles for the coming three months, with a few notable dates beyond that. We hope to maintain this level of advance notice to make the service worthwhile...
Admin 1st January 2003
Authors Post Own Reviews
The Telegraph has reported that Auhtors, using false names, have been posting reviews for their own work on web sites such as Amazon
... more»»
Nigel 1st January 2003
Quiz No. 10
We have added a new 'Name that book' Quiz this month. A nice easy one to start the New Year as the title is one of BookLore's star books ... more»»

Admin 1st January 2003
Column Ends