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Supreme Commander George

Markus Thyme

Average Review Rating Average Rating 8/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Wesoomi Publishing

Published : 1999

Copyright : Markus Thyme 1999

ISBN-10 : PB 0-9653732-3-1
ISBN-13 : PB 978-0-9653732-3-4

Publisher's Write-Up

Go with Markus Thyme into a future where universal peace has finally been achieved. Watch, as the human species begins to expand and colonize the galaxy. See what happens when they are taken by surprise by the warships and warriors of an alien race. Suffer with these gentle souls as, totally unaccustomed to violence, they watch the relentless destruction of their settlements. Join Fair Daryl, The Most High Excellency of All People, as he agonizes with his staff. Enjoy their shock as a viable plan comes from a most unexpected source.

Their ultimate plan is to recall the greatest soldier in the history of mankind. General George Patton, United States Army.

How do they do it? The book Supreme Commander George, will answer that question.

Markus Thyme will take you on wild and rollicking adventure as Supreme Commander George takes on the Paranian Empire with his most interesting and unusual pick up army. We will not tell you any of the details. Nor will we tell you of the spectacular ending.

Markus Thyme is a thoughtful writer who addresses his readers at two levels. At the plot level, he tells a compelling story of adventure, set in a future time. This, by itself, is a good enough reason for the book. However, at the philosophical theme level, Thyme examines carefully, the conflicts and problems which arise when people from two completely different cultural models interact.

Representing one culture the very personable and compelling Supreme Commander George stands alone. From the other culture, we have the leaders and the outcast drawn in sharp contrast. We get a remarkable look into the thought processes of these people as each cultural model acts on and influences the other.

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Review by Paul Lappen (300803) Rating (8/10)

Review by Paul Lappen
Rating 8/10
A thousand years from now, mankind has spread throughout the galaxy and universal peace has been achieved. It is as if the human race has forgotten the meaning of the word War. That is, until, one day, an alien race called the Paranians land on one of the outlying colony planets. They take many captives, and interrogate them about their defences. They slaughter everyone else, and then kill the captives when they tell the Paranians nothing. A second and third human planet is attacked, with no sign of any Earth defences.

That's because there are no Earth defences. The Commonwealth Council, led by a man named Fair Daryl (all of the humans have names like that) is at a loss as to how to respond. Fat William, a resident of a Custodial Care Centre (a place for misfits and others who don't fit into society) and a student of military history, has a bold idea. Using mankind's considerable technical knowledge, create the most sophisticated android ever; one that must be able to eat, move and bleed like a human. The android will be programmed with the personality of General George Patton. Only a few people will know that he isn't human.

Snow Rose, his "creator," falls in love with Patton. While he is away for long periods of time, building an army from nothing, Rose lives in his apartment. She totally neglects her own work and becomes more and more emotionally unglued. One day, after Patton rejects her, she totally loses it and tells him that he's not human.

Despite this, Patton continues with his plans against the Paranians. Mankind is slow to respond, both technically and in terms of building an army, but eventually gets going. With new types of weapons and tactics against them, the Paranians find themselves nervously looking over their shoulders, wondering when and where the next attack will occur. After the war ends, Patton plans on continuing into space, not returning to Earth. He knew that if he returned, he would get shut off, like any other machine.

Fans of military science fiction will really enjoy this novel. For everyone else, this belongs somewhere in that large grey area of Pretty Good or Worth Reading.
Paul Lappen (30th August 2003)

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