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Churchmouse Tales

Violet Toler

Average Review Rating Average Rating 8/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : 1st Books Library

Published : 2003

Copyright : Violet Toler 2003

ISBN-10 : PB 1-4033-7784-7
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-4033-7784-5

Publisher's Write-Up

Charlie, a delightful little gray mouse is shy, impulsive and sometimes obstinate. His mother Lizzie is patient and loving, but firm. Grandpa Joe is an old story-teller. Mary, a friend of another color, is Charlie's best friend.

Patterns and instructions for making Charlie, Lizzie, Mary and Grandpa Joe of colored felt are included. The puppets are designed to be made easily. Instructions are given for making a simple "mousehouse" which can serve as a stage.

Thirty-six brief scripts for classroom use include the following Bible Stories: Zacchaeus, Jonah, Jesus and the children, Feeding 5000, Jesus' birth, Jesus' temptations, Fishers of men, Lost sheep, Daniel in the lions' den, Stilling the storm and Prodigal son. The remaining scripts are lessons on stewardship, lying, forgiving, trusting God, obeying parents and getting along with others. Each script contains a memory verse and a prayer.

This quartet of finger-puppet churchmice provides a teaching method which will capture and hold the interest of young students. Children relate with each distinctive character. Through the churchmice, important Bible truths become meaningful in their lives. You'll find the Churchmice a joy to use in your teaching. Youngsters will listen, learn and believe.

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Reader Reviews

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Review by Molly Martin (301103) Rating (8/10)

Review by Molly Martin
Rating 8/10
Finger Puppet illustrations with a chapter on how to use them and patterns for making the moppet are all included in this engaging work produced by long time children's advocate Violet Toler. Charles Quincy Churchmouse, is the top mouse so to speak and is included in each of Toler's scripts. Toler includes suggestions for choice of puppeteers as well as how to make puppets. A nice collection of story scripts are included. Scripts are simple, to the point, easy for the novice to use successfully for teaching young children truths, values, and religious tenets. The first nine scripts feature Charlie, the second nine Charlie and Lizzie, the next nine Charlie and Grandpa Joe and the final nine Charlie and Mary.

The book finishes up with 'how to contact' information and author biography. Unfortunately I found the links in the electronic PDF version did not take the reader to the sites.

Churchmouse Tales is a nice work presented by writer Toler for use in libraries, schools, churches and camp meetings. Illustrations and patterns included in Churchmouse Tales are nicely drawn, easy to follow, will produce credible little mice for the reader's use. Language used for both the text and scripts is geared well, children will not be bored by 'preachy' messages. Adult readers do not feel ‘spoken down to.'

This book will make a nice addition to the church, home and school library. Enjoyed the read. Happy to recommend.
Molly Martin (30th November 2003)

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