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The Hamster Never Sleeps

Michael McGan

Average Review Rating Average Rating 8/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : 1st Books Library

Published : 2000

Copyright : Michael McGan 2000

ISBN-10 : PB 1-58721-608-6
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-58721-608-4

Publisher's Write-Up

The Hamster Never Sleeps is my first endeavour in the field of writing. It is a collection of short humour pieces that consist of hypothetical situations, fairy tales and essays on everything from time travel to seafood.

While writing this book I would pass each piece by my wife, who after reading them would look at me, shake her head, and ask, "Where do you get these thoughts?" I still don't know.

I think it is a book that you will enjoy. If you don’t think so then just buy it anyway and use it to get the fireplace going, swat flies, or whatever. I won’t mind. Really...

'Michael will badger you with a series of comic stunts and take you on a roller coaster ride with his elephantine sense of humor.'

1st Books Library
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Reader Reviews

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Review by Denise M. Clark (190103) Rating (8/10)

Review by Denise M. Clark
Rating 8/10
The Hamster Never Sleeps is author Michael McGan’s first published collection of short, irreverent and unique humour pieces. As with his second publication, Fleeting Thoughts, author McGan takes a less than serious look at the foibles and idiosyncrasies of society.

Among his reflections, take for example, his comment about saving stamps. You know, the kind you used to get from stores and you’d fill up a book to buy something nifty? According to McGan, they are...

"a cruel joke… over the years you end up spending what could have secured you a Malibu beach home for your retirement, just to get enough points to trade in for a t-shirt bearing the image of …Marty Mallo".

Or how about his take on First Draft Expressions…

"When the going gets tough, don’t call me..."

or how about comments about how people don’t give each other enough space any more. Interspersing these witty vignettes are a few poems, but they aren’t serious either. You think they are until you realize too late that you’ve been fooled again, and delightfully so. How else could you think that running over a squirrel could be humorous?

Mr. McGan has a way with words, no doubt about it. But his special gift is offering you something serious to ponder even while you’re grinning madly at his comments. His second offering of humour collections is contained in Fleeting Thoughts. He is currently working on his third book, which would make a perfect trilogy for gift giving. After all, a few laughs go a long way.
Denise M. Clark (19th January 2003)

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