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Fleeting Thoughts

Michael McGan

Average Review Rating Average Rating 8/10 (2 Reviews)
Book Details

Publisher : 1st Books Library

Published : 2002

Copyright : Michael McGan 1997, 2002

ISBN-10 : PB 0-75962-846-7
ISBN-13 : PB 978-0-75962-846-5

Publisher's Write-Up

Michael McGan is the distinguished winner of the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, an Emmy for his work in DISCLAIMER, a Grammy for his hit song NONE OF THIS IS TRUE, and an Oscar for his brilliant performance in I AM A BIG FAT LIAR. The truth be known, he has never won a trophy of any kind. He is just a working stiff and struggling author living in upstate New York with his wife and kids.

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Review by Chrissi (011102) Rating (8/10)
Review by Nigel (011002) Rating (7/10)

Review by Chrissi
Rating 8/10
I picked up this book with no preconceptions, on a Saturday when I had to go to work with a streaming cold. I was pretty gross, and when I had to take my snottiness to college on the Monday, I also took it with me, only to find a theory espoused by Mr McGan about cold viruses treating his body like a hotel, where at the end of the treatise he leaves to put mints on the pillows for them. That one fleeting thought is worth the mark alone, the fact that he reminded me that there are around two hundred different cold viruses out there, and so there is always another one just around the corner.

As the title suggests, the book is a collection of fleeting thoughts, about a whole load of different things, and sometimes there is no connection between the point at which he starts and the point where he completes any particular essay. I call Nigel "sidetrack man" because in between starting one thing and the completion, he can go off and do something else, and it's so frustrating. Michael McGan is in an altogether different league and several divisions higher than Nigel, who is merely working his way through the amateur rankings in comparison… Mr McGan must have the attention span of a dyslexic goldfish!

Against all reason it comes together rather well and makes for an interesting and entertaining read… more mints anyone?!
Chrissi (1st November 2002)

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Review by Nigel
Rating 7/10
I wasn't sure how I was going to take this book when I was given it to review. It had come from the author Michael McGan via his publisher 1st Books Library and really is just a collection of fleeting thoughts put down on paper. You know those mad days when you are sitting at a party with a couple or four beers inside you and your mind zooms all over with ideas and stories, good and bad? Well, imagine you had written these all down and you would have a book very similar to this. Actually, thinking about it, more like Bill Bryson on speed…

This said, the book was very pleasant and I spent a happy few hours 'listening' to Michael McGan rabbit on about his life and some of the things he has done and seen. This might sound a bit boring but to be honest it quite relaxed me and I came away at the end with a slightly warm glow that nice and funny things do happen in the world.

I'm not sure I can say rush out and buy this book as it is a must for your book shelves because it isn't. If, however, you happen to come across it at an airport or the like, do buy it, as it will pass away the hours much more nicely than the holiday reps who can't find your plane.
Nigel (1st October 2002)

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