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Michael McGan

Michael McGan is the distinguished winner of the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, an Emmy for his work in DISCLAIMER, a Grammy for his hit song NONE OF THIS IS TRUE, and an Oscar for his brilliant performance in I AM A BIG FAT LIAR. The truth be known, he has never won a trophy of any kind. He is just a working stiff and struggling author living in upstate New York with his wife and kids. Check out BookLore's exclusive interview with Michael McGan here.

See also the thrilling transcript of Michael and Nigel's online conversation regarding tee shirts and reading here.

Michael McGan is also a regular contributor to BookLore in his column McGan’s Meditations, a collection of clever, witty and thoughtful commentaries on the human condition... the following picture providing evidence of the in-depth research that goes into each and every column. The man will stop at nothing to bring BookLore visitors cutting edge deep and meaningful, errr, stuff…

Michael McGan brushing up...

Books by Michael McGan Links
Aging Gratefully (2012)
Fleeting Thoughts (2002)
The Hamster Never Sleeps (2000)
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