McGan's Meditations
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McGan's Meditations

Review - The Hamster Never Sleeps Review - Fleeting Thoughts Aging Gratefully BookLore columnist Michael McGan, the author of Aging Gratefully (2012), Fleeting Thoughts (2002) and The Hamster Never Sleeps (2000), lets you into his mind with insightful and witty observations on human nature... and err, stuff.

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Title What it's all about.. Date
I Will Survive Michael McGan looks at your chances of survival... 31 Mar 2012
Looking to the Future... Thank God for modern science and medicine. Breakthroughs are coming at a dizzying pace. People are exercising more and eating healthy. They say that 40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new 40. What the hell does all that mean? 31 May 2011
Looking to the Past... Archaeologists dig through artefacts and study them, placing great value on the things that they discover. Most of it is broken stuff that they painfully put back together. What if all this stuff was just trash? 09 Oct 2010
Looking for a New Job? Looking for a New Job? Here are some power verbs for your resume, and some examples of how to use them effectively.… 09 Jan 2009
Thoughts on God and Stuff... Michael McGan is not one to shy away from the more controversial questions and this time is no exception… 29 June 2008
Subprime Muppets Michael McGan takes a look at the world today with a slightly more sombre eye than usual... yes, things are really that bad. 08 Mar 2008
Voices from Beyond Michael McGan delves into the dodgy world of 'Inter-generational Communication', not to mention the even more deadly 'Spousal Debate'. 27 Nov 2007
Wonder Woman Michael McGan ask the dangerous question "Should Women being running the World?" ...answers on a postcard. 30 Mar 2007
Exploring Time Travel Michael McGan ponders time travel... and gets his trousers in a twist 12 Dec 2006
The New Age... Everone should have an open mind... as long as it doesn't leak. 25 Sep 2006
Watermelons Could Add Years To Your Life... Michael McGan examines how large fruits are the way too good when being shot at by pointy sticks. 28 Jun 2006
Rap Music... Michael McGan takes a look at Rap Music... now what is that all about? 24 Mar 2006
Religion and Sex... Michael McGan touches on the controversial issues of religion and sex... always a winner to boost circulation figures, or in our case visitors clicks. Make no mistake we will take them all, outraged, happy, agreeable and even slightly weird dressers… we may however draw the line at presidential, some people just don’t get it... 07 Sep 2005
Watch Me Pull a Rabbit... Rabbit fixation prehaps? Too much Chicken? We wouldn't like to comment. However, Michael makes some very good points as far as Magic is concerned... 07 Jun 2005
Is the Easter Bunny the devil in disguise? Stay with us for this one... is the Easter Bunny the devil, be it in disguise or otherwise. A good question I hear you ask. Find out here. 25 Mar 2005
How Attractive Are You? Michael McGan asks 'How attractive are you?' ...or words to that effect... 20 Feb 2005
Who is 'Father Christmas'? Michael McGan examines this mysterious guy 'Father Christmas', who, after all is said and done, is a very accomplished burglar... 18 Dec 2004
America Michael McGan takes a look at some uniquely American landmarks… including mustard. 30 Sep 2004
Things... Michael McGan goes on a bit of a rant and covers most topics from ants to snowflakes and a lot in between. 10 Aug 2004
How to attract seagulls in easy steps Michael McGan on beach etiquette and how to attract seagulls in easy steps... 27 Jun 2004
50 Michael McGan is contemplating life as he reaches 50... :) 10 May 2004
Space 2 Have you noticed there is always a sequel to Science Fiction films? Here Michael expands on his last meditation... perhaps space isn't such a bad idea after all.:) 14 Mar 2004
Space Space, the final frontier? According to Michael McGan it should be... anyone like to comment? We love a good discussion:) 26 Jan 2004
Christmas Christmas is in the air, and people are as friendly as they are ever going to get. It will only last a few weeks, so take full advantage of this.  19 Dec 2003
Restrooms... Michael examines the new high tech toilets… when you can’t be trusted to touch anything but yourself... 17 Nov 2003
Elvis Michael comes across Elvis in the cafeteria... and not a chip in sight. 15 Oct 2003
The BookLore Sermon Eternal damnation awaits those who turn away from a good book... 13 Sep 2003
Fast Food Outlets Fast Food Outlets... why exactly are they called fast? 08 Aug 2003
Who is responsible for Crop Circles? Michael McGan unravels one of the greatest mysteries of the Universe... who is responsible for Crop Circles? 09 Jul 2003
Why was Stonehenge built? Ever wondered about all those standing stones? Wonder no more. 08 Jun 2003
Weapons of Laugh Production Mankind gone mad? We think so... 02 May 2003
Wheels The thing closest to a guys heart... his wheels. Find out why. 04 Apr 2003
Thoughts for Guys Be careful what you wish for... 05 Mar 2003
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