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McGan's Meditations

Christmas is in the air, and people are as friendly as they are ever going to get. It will only last a few weeks, so take full advantage of this. The decorations are out, the music is playing and it is all very nice.

Christmas is celebrated because the world got a gift on that day, that gift being Christ. If I get to Heaven, and if in Heaven there are stations of rank based on your contributions and efforts here on Earth, I'll probably be cleaning toilets or something. But when my shift is over, I can walk those streets of gold! Can I get an Amen! I do pray though, that God has a sense of humour or I'm in some serious trouble.

Now Santa certainly has his place at this time of year. Good old Saint Nick. He will bring toys and presents to children all over the world. I can still remember the excitement of Christmas Eve when I was a child. It always seemed to snow when Santa was coming. Lying in bed, the night was silent except for the far away clinking of screwdrivers and small wrenches, the crumpling of instructions, and the occasional hushed obscenity. Yep, Santa was coming.

The night was full of nervous anticipation. I was unable to get to sleep, tossing, turning, listening to every sound, waiting for something to happen... come to think of it, it was pretty much the same with the Bogeyman, only in the morning there were no presents, and I was just glad to be alive.

Santa Claus is not scary; he is a very special kind of guy. I clearly remember putting out milk and cookies for him, even though I thought he was a bit portly, and sure enough, in the morning they would be gone and toys were under the tree. How does he do it, boys and girls? How does he get his fat ass down that chimney every year? Pure magic. It is jolly good stuff.

At this time of year there are two words that have so much meaning, two words that you must always hold dear - "Fully Assembled". Yes, indeed.

Thanks to BookLore for having me, thanks to all for reading my columns and hopefully purchasing my two books (great gifts, hint, hint and look for number three by summer). God bless you all and have a joyous holiday season. Peace on Earth., Easter already!

Michael McGan - 19th December 2003

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