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McGan's Meditations

You go into a restroom now, and everything is high-tech. I feel so out of touch with things. You approach a urinal and you notice that there is no handle to flush it anymore. It has an automatic flushing device that works off a motion sensor’s electric eyes.

It's staring at you doing your business and believe it or not, one brand name is called "First Impressions". Really. I thought that was funny. I would guess that this could be unsettling to some, especially when you step away and it flushes itself. Amazing!

And how about the sinks? You just put your hands under the tap and the water comes out. You really don't have to touch anything anymore. Wave your hands under the hot air dryer and - Presto! The water is on a timer, the dryer is on a timer... it's all taken care of. Kinda cool.

I went to the restroom at a fairly new pub, and it was a small, very clean room that had a toilet, sink, and a dryer. I'm standing there doing my business, sorry, when suddenly, the lights go out! They were on a timer. After a couple of pints, I really had to go, so I guess I was standing there longer than the programmed time on the lights. But I just waved my hand and they came back on. I felt so powerful. "Let there be light!" "Let the toilet flush!" I had to open the door myself though, and that kind of ruined it all.

Anyway, I got to thinking that maybe these "rest" rooms should be renamed and I came up with one - "The High-Tech, No Need To Touch Anything But Yourself Room". A bit too long maybe?

Michael McGan - 17th November 2003

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