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McGan's Meditations
Looking for a New Job?

Looking for a New Job? Here are some power verbs for your resume, and some examples of how to use them effectively.

On a daily basis: I appraised work schedules and charted the easiest course for myself which enabled me to spend more time getting familiarised with an attractive co-worker who was shaped very nicely. I asked her if she exercised and recommended that we go out for a drink sometime but she maintained her position and confided in me the fact that she had contracted something that could be transmitted and advised me to back off. Around the workplace, I regularly communicated my general dissatisfaction to co-workers and fabricated elaborate excuses for not being able to perform my duties. I convinced my boss that I had mastered my job and was always hard at work, as I demonstrated strong acting skills which included sustained sighs as I improvised dialogue creating the illusion that I was actually doing something important. Many employees were amused by my actions. It was soon indicated that I displayed excellent work ethics and should be assigned to an elevated level of responsibility. This raised a few eyebrows around the office, which was justified, and it was soon suggested by several people that my work history should be investigated rather than having my position upgraded. I was actually relieved when it was stated that perhaps this promotion was not properly conceptualized, and that the whole matter should be reviewed immediately. I was told that if these accusations were substantiated I would be restored to my former position immediately until my case was further scrutinised. I was later informed that management had been enlightened, the situation was being rectified, and that I was being terminated. As you can see, I was an employee that initiated action and would be a good addition to your company if hired.

Résumés 101 - Always remember to read the whole thing. :)

Michael McGan - 4th January 2009

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