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Watermelons Could Add Years To Your Life...

Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Was he a saint or a sinner? A hero or a criminal? But more importantly, how good was he at archery? Could he shoot an apple off of someone’s head, like William Tell did? (If you ever find yourself in the awkward situation of agreeing to support the target with your head, demand a much larger fruit!) You would not only have to trust the archer completely, but somehow achieve a zen-like state of non-movement yourself. Hopefully your tights wouldn’t be bunching up at that crucial moment. I don’t know, I think there might be a few casualties in Sherwood Forest. Here is what might run in the obits afterward:

“Fidgeting James, 38, died suddenly yesterday as a result of a target shooting accident. Born in Swankshire, Terrington Bristall, Noughtenton, Langford Eshirly, Willmingshire, England, he later moved to Sherwood Forest where things were much simpler and addressing letters didn't give him writer's cramp. He was a longtime resident in the forest. Fidgeting James worked as a blacksmith before joining Robin Hood’s band of merry men, where he was fond of swilling ale, throwing horseshoes, and basically fidgeting about. Contributions should be sent to the ‘Fidgeting James Memorial Foundation for The Restless' at Sherwood Forest."

Michael McGan - 28th June 2006

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