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Is the Easter Bunny the Devil in Disguise?

Is the Easter Bunny the devil in disguise? Well before you scoff and pass it off as another ridiculous postulation by yours truly, think about it. The devil has two horns that stick up. The bunny has two ears that stick up! The devil has a tail. The bunny has a tail! Need I say more? I’m sensing that you’re not buying into this. Let me ask you a question; are there ever any confectionery versions of religious icons in those Easter baskets? No there are not. Just chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps, and jelly beans. It could be said that they are collectively the axis- of-evil candies who must be stopped. Perhaps heavy sanctions against their manufacturers are in order. If that doesn’t work we’re gonna be forced to go in. That’s all there is to it.

I ask you to observe, on Easter Sunday when parents bring their small children to church what goes on. Children smartly dressed in white shirts and slacks, sport jackets, pretty dresses with matching bonnets and shiny new shoes, will be all you need to see to know what I’m talking about. These children will be so hyped up that their violent thrashing, screaming, uncontrollable outbursts, head spinning, and vomiting will cause the priest to wonder if he should postpone mass and just perform a MASS EXORCISM. After the service, when the children are off searching for Easter-eggs, ask yourself this - what does any of this madness have to do with the resurrection of Christ? Then again, we came through it to become relatively well adjusted, church-going individuals with no lasting ill effect, didn’t we? But I sure do like those little pink and yellow peeps, with all that gooey marshmallow and that sugary coating. I’m so weak. Pray for me my brothers and sisters, that I can resist the temptations that may come in the days ahead. Happy Easter...

Michael McGan - 25th March 2005

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