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McGan's Meditations

Right from the beginning, wheels are so important to us. You start out with four wheels… you're riding in the baby carriage. Eventually you're riding a tricycle… that would be three wheels. Then, you're riding a bicycle… down to two wheels.

The next step in this progression would be the unicycle, where we have not only weaned ourselves down to one wheel, but have inadvertently destined ourselves to become a circus performer. After that, there would be nothing. No more wheels for us.

The finality of this, not to mention the whole circus thing, is so frightening that we skip the single-wheel stage all together, and go back to four. The car.

It's like being reborn. Another chance. Once again, you're strapped in, drinking from containers, talking gibberish to yourself, sticking cigarettes in your mouth in place of a pacifier, making wild gestures, throwing tantrums, people are making comments as you go by - "He's cute!" "She's cute!"…

We're really just big babies again.

Michael McGan - 4th April 2003

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