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BookLore Banners and Logos

This page contains banners and logos you can use if you would like to link to BookLore (please:) It is only a start and we will be adding more over time, including some animated ones hopefully.

Simply download one of the images below by right clicking on it and selecting 'Save Picture As'. Select the location you want to store it on your own site, then create a link to BookLore like this..

<a href =""><img="logofilename.jpg" border=0>

Remember to change 'logofilename.jpg' to the name and location of the file that you saved on your site!


101x46 Bitmap
2 Colour Phone Logo (1kB)
Filename - booklore_phone_1.bmp



120x60 Animated Gif
White background (9kB)
Filename - booklore_anim_1.gif



120x60 Animated Gif
White background (35kB)
Filename - booklore_anim_2.gif



468x60 Banner - White background.
Filename - booklore_banner_1.jpg



200x60 Banner - White background.
Filename - booklore_banner_2.jpg



120x60 Banner - White background.
Filename - booklore_logo_1.gif



100x40 Banner - White background.
Filename - booklore_logo_2.gif


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