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Ray PictureReading... hard isn't it. I, like Nige, found reading to be a pain in the arse and would always avoid it if possible. I blame being forced to do English Literature at school. I hated it and failed my exam deliberately to spite my teacher :).

To pass a particularly boring summer in 1990 I was going through some old boxes my m8 had left in my house and found 'The Colour of Magic' by Terry Pratchett. I sat down and read it over the course of a couple of weeks and thought to myself, 'This isn't that bad really'. So after that I proceeded to acquire the rest of Terry Pratchett's fine works and probably will continue to until he gets bored of writing!

So I acquired a passion for fantasy books and started reading other authors like Craig Shaw Gardner, Robert Rankin and Douglas Adams. Serious Fiction, war etc just doesn't do it for me and out of Nige's collection of 1/2 million books, I'd probably only read 2% of what he has !! So you'll tend to find me reviewing books of a humourous nature with a slice of fantasy thrown in.

Now where's that copy of 'War and Peace' ............... :)

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While you are online check out Ray's homepage, Full of cool stuff you can actually track the book he is currently reading, as well as leave 'suitable' messages... just be clean!

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