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1. Why did you choose the name Puz as your online personality?

Well it all came about in 1994 when I was trying to register a name for Demon Internet. I tried all sorts of names including most of the popular Pratchett characters. I picked 12 before I phoned them up. I came off the phone not managing to register any of them. So in desperation I started to read the footnotes of Pratchett books and came up with a few more, one of which was the Ambiguous Puzuma mentioned in Pyramids. (later mentioned in Small Gods ;-) ) and the rest is history. I shortened it to Puz to try to be trendy and to save typing...

2. What was the first book you ever read?

Hmm, a toughie that. Apart from books I was forced to read at Primary school, none of which I can remember, the first one I attempted to read was a book called 'Full Dress Gray'. It was my brothers who was a thriller nut. Forsyth books everywhere. I flicked through it and found some rather graphically described sex scenes in it. I was hooked :-).

3. We know your time is very precious but you still manage to fit the odd book in - why? ( Pressure from BookLore is not an answer :)

Ah its pressure from .. Oh er um. Well I go through phases. Some months I like reading, some months I don't. Once I've stopped reading I find it hard to go back to a book, so much so that I've completely forgotten about it and have to start again... but when I do read I find it enjoyable and wonder why it took me so long to come back.

4. What is your favourite colour?

Dark blue.

5. What desktop theme do you currently have?

Jessica Alba from Dark Angel fame in a rather fetching black number, soon to be changed to Jennifer Garner of 'Alias' fame. I'm a sucker for attractive women who kick butt.

6. Since becoming a reviewer for BookLore have you found yourself reading more?

When you were looking for reviews and I had some books around I felt I owed you some reviews so in a way yes. Recently I've got a bit lazy and I'm in one of my 'off' phases...

7. Buffy or Britney?

Well that's a question... I have seen a program on Sky One recently that had Richard Blackwood of MTV fame spending time with each of them. Buffy came across the best and seemed a right laugh. For someone who's only 24, she's not looking as good as she used to, sooo I'd have to go with Britney's looks and Buffy's personality.. Ménage á trois anyone?

8. What kind of books do you prefer reading?

As you can tell from my reviews, it's comedy fantasy fiction :). Basically Terry Pratchett/Robert Rankin and the like. I have delved into the biography/fiction/fact stuff but it doesn't retain my interest if it doesn't make me laugh every few minutes or so. Frank Skinner's autobiography is a good read btw.

9. If you bought a self help book what would it be about?

Life begins at 30, the next step...

10. They say the car you drive speaks volumes. What does yours say?

t would say 'Drive me properly you maniac!' or 'Can you get to work WITHOUT overtaking any cars?'

11. What is your favourite book?

I would have to say The Unadulterated Cat by Terry Pratchett.

12. Blonde, Brunette or Redhead?

Blonde.. I've tried too many redheads to go back. Nothing but mouthy bad tempered women. Brunettes all well and good but I've never been out with a blonde... :)

13. Who is your favourite author?

Terry Pratchett by far. But then I only read books from 3 or 4 authors anyway...

14. Are you any good at making speeches?

Absolutely terrible. I like talking but hate being the focus of attention. If I could do a speech where no one could see me then maybe yes. My basic tact is to make people laugh to put everyone at ease.

15. Favourite beer?

Stella Artois :). But here it's a lager, in Belgium it's a beer, so in England if I had to have a 'proper' beer, it would be 'Bishop's Finger'..

16. What do a nearsighted gynaecologist and a puppy have in common?

Both have the unenviable position, of having fun and getting away with it...
[or 'A wet nose.' Ed.]

17. If money were no object, what would you do?

I remember telling my old landlady who was a jaguar car fanatic, that if I had lots of money I would bring an Jag XK8 around to her house and promptly trash it with a baseball bat in front of her. We always had a hate-hate relationship. But I would love to travel the world. Be a man of leisure, seeing all the wonders that the world can show me...

18. Do you prefer to read the book or watch the film?

Watch the film. Too lazy by far. Do I hear sighs at the back?

19. Designer clothes or no name functionality?

Designer but not the real big names. Mid level so-called trendy gear...

20. What makes you go Hmmmm?

Lots of things. A nice smile from a pretty girl, a nice looking car, beach volley ball in the Playboy mansion...

To finish this exhaustive list of questions and complete your detailed psychological profile please confirm your favourite Spice Girl.

If I had to be pushed, it would probably be Baby Spice. Posh is a little to skinny for my liking.

by Chrissi and Nigel - 20th April 2002

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