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This page lists the Interviews Booklore has managed to inveigle. Hopefully we will add a lot more over time if we can persuade enough authors and other peeps to give up some of their time... volunteers needed

Interviewee A bit about them... Date
Joanne Harris Author of Chocolat and Runemarks. 18 Dec 2007
Kimberly Greene Author of My Sister's a Pop Star. 12 Sep 2006
Carol Weston The Author of the Melanie Martin Novels, including Melanie in Manhattan and Melanie Martin Goes Dutch. 16 May 2005
Nick Sagan The Author of Idlewild. 24 Mar 2004
Howard Tilley The Author of A Little Roman Therapy. 11 Apr 2003
Michael McGan The Author of Fleeting Thoughts and The Hamster Never Sleeps. 01 Jan 2003
Keith Rommel The Author of the Spirit of Independence and Sardurvial Dissenting. 24 Jul 2002
Ray Intrepid BookLore reviewer... 20 Apr 2002
Douglas Lindsay The Author of the Barney Thomson novels - see the Douglas Lindsay author page for details. 07 Jan 2002
Christian Cook The Author of the 'Black' comedy Broken Eggshell and Pulling Power. 19 Jul 2001
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