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Douglas Lindsay

Douglas Lindsay was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, in 1964. He is married to Kathryn and has two children, Jessica and Hamish. He was educated at the University of Glasgow studying, in his own words, a "fairly useless B. Sc". He has worked for the Ministry of Defence in Glasgow and the UK delegation to NATO in Brussels. He then took special unpaid leave to join Kathryn on a posting to Senegal, West Africa, where the character Barney Thomson was conceived, returning to the Ministry of Defence in Andover before escaping to freedom in September 2000.

His first publication was the short story The Seventeenth in Xenos Magazine. In 1996 he was awarded third place in The Bridport Prize for the short story The Bad Men. His characters Mulholland and Proudfoot have been nominated for best comic detective in the Sherlock Award 2000. Other interests include music, listening to and playing piano and guitar on occasion. Movies and virtually all sports, except rugby league and horses.

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Having lived in Poland for a while, after leaving the Highlands of Scotland where his influences were "more cinematic than literary", he has returned home and currently lives in the south of England. His favourite authors are R. L. Stevenson, Ian Fleming and Annie Proulx, however, having said that, since the arrival of two children he doesn't get much chance to read at all. He likes to think of himself as their dad, but they are more likely to see him as "some bloke who lives with us and who shouts if we start throwing food at the dinner table".

Books by Douglas Lindsay Links
The Final Cut (2009)
Lost in Juarez (2008)
The Haunting of Barney Thomson (2007)
The Last Fish Supper (2006)
The King Was In His Counting House (2004)
A Prayer for Barney Thomson (2001)
The Cutting Edge of Barney Thomson (2000)
The Long Midnight of Barney homson (1999)


Barney Thomson and the Face of Death (2002)

E-Books (Kindle)

We Are The Hanged Man (2012)
The Unburied Dead (2012)
Short Stories:
Santa's Christmas Eve Blues (2012
The Case Of The Stained Glass Widow (2012)
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