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BookLore Quizzes

This page contains various Quizzes in no particular order... just for the hell of it really.

Quiz Number What it's all about
Quiz 18 Rhys Wilcox Competition.
Quiz 17 Raymond E. Feist Competition.
Quiz 16 Hunter's Run Competition.
Quiz 15 Robin Hobb Competition.
Quiz 14 J. R. R. Tolkien Competition.
Quiz 13 Kit Whitfield Competition.
Quiz 12 Robin Hobb Competition.
Quiz 11 Riddle me this...
Quiz 10 Name that Book...
Quiz 9 Letter puzzle ... not too difficult.
Quiz 8 Name that Book...
Quiz 7 Letters and numbers... what a combination.
Quiz 6 Name that Book...
Quiz 5 Number puzzle. Quite easy to start.
Quiz 4 Name that Book...
Quiz 3 Word Puzzle. One for Vex really .
Quiz 2 Spot the 'quote' in Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds.
Quiz 1 Puzzle taken from The Business by Iain Banks... no prize I'm afraid.
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