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Victim PictureWhy I enjoy reading.

No I am not referring to the Festival... The printed word in all of its forms. Shear Escapism to Information, it is a fabulous medium, as emotive as music, vivid as film, how good is your imagination? I remember a quote along the lines of What if someone were to invent a medium with true random access, where you could go back or forward to any point and re-cover it, which was also transportable. The reply was that it already exists, the humble book. I seem to recall that it was someone like Isaac Asimov, but I would not swear to that. I have read for many years, for which you can blame Chrissi, cheers Big Sis.

About the first book which I remember reading for myself was the Diamond Hunters by Wilbur Smith, but I did not start buying books until 1991, when someone introduced me to Terry Pratchett, a guy called Euan, to whom I am also indebted. This was otherwise a very bleak period in my life, so escapist literature was of great benefit. I did go to the library a great deal. Scanning the shelves for anything black with gold writing down the sleeve is not ideal, but it is not a bad way to find horror books, it did work! I also did find a lot of rubbish but hey, never judge a book by its cover...

I read almost anything, mainly if it's stocked by our local John Menzies, which ain't much. People from Mansfield in general have a very limited selection available, but since a lot are illiterate what do you expect. Read Psychoville - it may happen in Smalltown England!!! Sorry - Bit of a musical reference but there were multiple exclamation marks too!!!!! Help I need some dried frog pills...

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