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I would now like to make a quick comment. Mostly irrelevant to any particular review. It relates to some comments which were made by a reader of the site, who disagreed with the opinion expressed in a review, and then made personal comments about the reviewer. There is no call for that kind of attitude, none of us are paid to review books, to read them, or whatever.

If you disagree with a review, send in one of your own, you'll get paid the same as the rest of us - Nothing, other than the thought that if someone has agreed with one of your reviews in the past, then they may go for one of your recommendations. Thus ensuring that YOUR favourite authors may sell more books, and therefore write more of them! Personally I have not given a truly negative review in. I do not find many books, due to my location and demands on my time, so I tend to follow the recommendations of people whose views I respect. Sadly most of those are also people who review on this site!

If anyone wishes to disagree with any of this feel free, I have had no correspondence with anyone through this site, so I don't even know if anyone reads it, if you do feel free to drop me a line! I can take any abuse that you can throw out.

Victim - 1st March 2002

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