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This page contains various Articles written by BookLore reviewers for one reason or another. Smilie

You will also find details of the various BookLore Tours such as Hay-on-Wye and CCDE 2003

Author Title What it's all about Date
Chrissi Comfort Reading in Lockdown Finding comfort in reading through the Lockdown  01 May 2021
Chrissi Free Kindle Books - April 2014 Chrissi has listed a few of the free books available on Amazon at the moment for the Kindle that are worht a read. 30 April 2014
Carolyn Howard-Johnson Kindle Formatting Made Easy Recently Carolyn published some quick tips on publishing articles and books on Kindle in her Sharing with Writers newsletter and got tons of feedback, some of it from folks who said they were still worried about "the learning curve." Here is a simple step-by-step guide to take away that worry. 4 February 2012
Chrissi Non-Fiction Books Part 2 - Popular Science Chrissi stays with Popular Science in the second of her articles about Non-Fiction books; this time puzzles and codes.. 31 October 2010
Christian Cook Book Reviews - Astroturfing The astroturf might look greener, but it isn't sweeter. Christian Cook provides an author's perspective on book reviews and why, good or bad, they are an important source of feedback... and why they should not be abused. 9 September 2010
Chrissi Non-Fiction Books Part 1 - Popular Science Chrissi talks about here passion for Non-Fiction titles and offers a few suggestions on what to read. 18 May 2010
Nigel Book Collecting Update Nigel talks about book collecting (and Chrissi). 15 November 2009
Nigel My School Book Club With My School Book Club, you get a website just for your school, absolutely free. Every month, it is filled with fresh selections of carefully chosen books for children up to 11, all at outstanding prices. 31 August 2009
Nigel International Standard Book Number (ISBN) International Standard Book Number (ISBN)... everything you never wanted to know :) 22 March 2008
Carolyn Howard-Johnson Twelve Tales of Woe from a Busy (and Grumpy) Editor Marketing your own book? Sending out endless emails with no luck? Have a quick read of Carolyn's tongue in cheek Twelve Tales of Woe... you may find you are guilty of one or two of the items mentioned. 10 February 2008
Nigel This Little Britain In order to find out how much the British knew about their own country, a survey from YouGov was commissioned. 14 October 2007
Nigel The Nestlé Aero Book Club Amanda Holden has teamed up with Nestlé to promote the Aero Book Club, the perfect way to relax. 16 July 2006
Nigel Read It Swap It Nothing to read? Books too expensive these days? Now you have absolutely no excuse with the great Website Read It Swap It… 31 January 2006
Nigel Reviewing for BookLore In answer to a query from a visitor asking how to submit reviews to Booklore Nigel responded. The reply forms the basis of this article. 07 August 2005
Paul Lappen & Nigel Can You Make a Living Book Reviewing? In answer to a query from a visitor asking if you could make a living as a book reviewer both Paul Lappen and Nigel responded. These replies formed the basis of this article. 31 January 2005
Paul Lappen How to Become a Book Reviewer In answer to a query from a visitor on how to become a book reviewer Paul Lappen wrote this article giving useful advice. 31 July 2004
Nigel Clarecraft Discworld Event 2003 Nigel has finally added some bits to the CCDE 2003... and yes, it is nearly a year late. 13 June 2004
Jon Clarecraft Discworld Event 2003 Jon adds a little more information regarding the very funny bricklayer ballad sung at the Karaoke night. 31 Oct 2003
Michael & Nigel Two readers talk... Michael McGan chats to Nigel about books, writing, human nature... and tee shirts. Don't blame us, it has been a quiet month. Smilie 15 Oct 2003
Chrissi Clarecraft Discworld Event 2003 Four BookLore reviewers visit the Clarecraft Discworld Event 2003 in the hope of meeting the great man himself, Terry Pratchett, as well as a good excuse to get drunk… repeatedly. 22 Sep 2003
Lesley Read Harry Potter? Don't be silly, it's a children's book! BookLore reviewer Lesley writes a short piece on discovering Harry Potter. 15 Jun 2003
Morgan Much Ado About Nothing - William Shakespeare Morgan takes a look at William Shakespeare's play 'Much Ado About Nothing'. 19 Jan 2003
Nigel BookLore is Changing Nigel explains the new update format and the changes 14 Dec 2002
Keith Rommel Write a 'Killer Query' Keith Rommel provides advice for the aspiring author. 01 Nov 2002
Nigel BookLore Review Scoring How Review Scores are derived on BookLore. 01 Nov 2002
Chrissi & Nigel Booklore History Nigel writes about how BookLore started. 01 Jun 2002
Chrissi & Nigel Hay-on-Wye Three BookLore reviewers visit Hay-on-Wye, book capital of Europe. 01 Jun 2002
Nigel Book Collecting Nigel talks about book collecting (and Chrissi). 01 May 2002
Victim Flamers Victim shares his views on Flamers. 01 Mar 2002
Victim Harry Potter Victim writes about the Harry Potter phenomenon. 01 Nov 2001
Chrissi Christina Jones's Books Chrissi talks about Christina Jones and her books. 30 Apr 2001
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