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Free Kindle Books - April 2014

I have a confession to make, I download all sorts of stuff onto my Kindle. There have been a few mistakes, where the blurb is not really reflective of the actual reading matter (I have had to apologise to N a few times for what would probably be described as ‘erotica’ or ‘mummy porn’) but on the whole I have quite enjoyed trawling the free kindle books lists for something new to read. I have recently read a few nice thrillers and thought that you might like them too, even if you just download them and read them at some point, whilst they are free, there is nothing to be lost, is there? I have not given them in any particular order and I have only included ones that are free at the point of writing, happy downloading!!

48 Hours48 hours by J Jackson Bentley
Average Review Rating [7/10]
What would you do if you were blackmailed, if someone told you that you had to raise a certain amount of money (just about all you were worth) in a very short space of time? Would you believe them? Josh did not believe them at first, but as events unfold, he starts to, and he tries to figure out who or what has led to this person demanding something from him. It really is very entertaining, I liked the premise, the action and the outcome, certainly worth a read.
A Reason to KillA Reason to Kill by Michael Kerr
Average Review Rating [7/10]
DI Matt Barnes is a lone detective fighting to recover after being shot when all but one of a team of protection officers are killed to get to a witness. This has an exciting plot with an intriguing assassin and a gangland crime boss, it is nicely written in the gloriously technicolour gore style to which we are becoming accustomed.
Fire and IceFire and Ice by Dana Stabenow
Average Review Rating [8/10]
Now I have no clue about Alaska, never been, and until this author, have never read anything based there, but I read two by this author back to back and really liked them. This is the beginning of a series based on the same character and whilst he is a flawed, struggling having lost his wife and child he is trying to start a new life in a new place. The descriptions are great, especially the part with the spotting for fishing, that just had my heart in my mouth. Not the most complicated plot line, but not obvious either, you have to keep reading to find out what has gone on, and you will not be disappointed.
Dead on DemandDead on Demand by Sean Campbell and Daniel Campbell
Average Review Rating [8/10]
This was a very refreshing turn-up, a completely different take on a crime novel. There are no surprises, as you know who is at the heart of the crime, and you can see the detective trying to figure it out. It really is a game of cat and mouse and will keep you going right until the end.
As the Crow FliesAs the Crow Flies by Damien Boyd
Average Review Rating [8/10]
Watching people free-climbing always gives me the chills, I am not a fan of heights and the idea that someone could kill a climber by undoing their safety ropes is a dreadful idea. So when Nick Dixon’s old partner, Jake, dies in a fall, he sets out to investigate the circumstances of the death, finding out that things are not always as they seem. This is an excellent story, clever, nicely paced and intriguing, certainly well worth a read.

Chrissi - 30th April 2014

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