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BookLore is Changing

At some point in the future we should have BookLore running on the new database with dynamic pages and instant access for reviewers and admin. To start the transition to this new format, from January 2003, BookLore will no longer be updated rigidly each month (hmmmm. Ed:) but on a rolling day-to-day basis as and when reviews, articles, news, etc., comes in.

There are a number of reasons for this, not least of which is the stress involved meeting each month's deadline with suitable content. Pressure is being put on everyone from reviewers to site coders. We are all here basically because we enjoy reading, at our own pace, not to meet that monthly date.

Another good reason to change is the presently very restrictive nature of the monthly update. By the time it comes around news that could have been reported in the middle weeks is old and tired, so tends to be left out.

All in all the majority of BookLore personnel feel this is a good move and will provide a richer site which changes more frequently ( they think we won't be on their backs as much... hahaha, little do they know. Ed :)

Comments on the future of BookLore and any of the proposed changes would be most welcome... mail changes(at)

Nigel - 14th December 2002

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