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Reviewing for BookLore

In answer to a query from a visitor asking how to submit reviews to Booklore Nigel responded. The reply forms the basis of this article


I’m not sure if you are asking about paid reviewing or reviewing for fun, so, here goes…

Paid reviewing, we wish :)


Reviewing for fun:

There are three ways you can review for BookLore, as follows:

1. The simplest is just to submit a review for a book you have read; see

We get a large number of authors and publishers requesting reviews. After you have submitted a few reviews for books you have already read (and enjoyed:) and the reviews are suitable for the site we may be able to include you as an 'official reviewer' and offer books from authors or publishers:

2. We will forward details of an author's or publisher's request and if you like the sound of the book you can follow our instructions for requesting a review copy directly.

3. You can provide contact details to BookLore and if you like the sound of a book from the current review request list we will arrange for a copy to be sent to us and then forwarded to you. This has the advantage that only we have your address and all communications are done through BookLore

If you take a book from an author or publisher all we ask is that you do submit a review. Often the authors are self published and their book is very important to them personally. It isn’t fair to take a copy and not do a review. However, we have had reviewers do this and they have been dropped very quickly.

Now, reviewing. It all sounds great at first but after a while you become a little tired with reading books you may not have chosen otherwise. The biggest problem for our reviewers, all book lovers, is finding time to read what they want as well as books coming from publishers and authors. Some reviewers are reading five books a week and still they can’t fit them all in… when does a passion become a chore?

Good things about reviewing
• The books will be free and yours to keep
• Sometimes you come across some real gems
• Involvement with authors, publishers, etc.

Bad things about reviewing
• The reviews! You should always submit a review, unless you really hated it as this can cause other problems; see
• Some of the books aren’t that good... this isn’t being over critical but a simple fact. You will still need to submit a review or comment so the author gets feedback even if we don’t publish on the site.
• Not enough time

We have an article on the site that may also interest your wife:

Finally, please also see for the small print.

Hope that lot hasn’t put you off…

Nigel - 7th August 2005

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