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BookLore Submissions

This page is for people wishing to submit their own review for a book they have read.

BookLore is an independent UK book review site with a small but loyal following. If you have just read a good (or bad) book and want to share your views you can submit your opinions to BookLore and we will add a review to the site (subject to BookLore editor approval of course).

1/ Send an email to submissions(at) with the following information:

Your Name*
Score (out of ten, i.e 6/10)**
Publisher (optional)
Publication date (optional)
Copyright owner (optional)
ISBN (optional)

* The name you enter will be credited to the Review and displayed on the site. First names only are acceptable.
** The maximum score from an unknown reviewer will be limited to 9/10, see Review Scores for more information.

2/ Alternatively you can enter the same information on the Review Submission form and save opening your email program. :)

3/ Current reviews are mainly for works of fiction. At present the main genres are:
[Science Fiction]
[Science Fantasy]

We do have some reviews for the following:

but since you are doing your own review it can be basically any genre you like :)

4/ Submit several reviews and we will add you as an official BookLore reviewer! Some incentive or what? Smilie

5/ The BookLore Editor’s Decisions are final and reviews may be altered to suit the site. Please see notes regarding Review Submissions, in particular those regarding Negative Reviews. Please be aware that submitting a review does not guarantee it will be posted.

We look forward to hearing from you.

If you are interested in knowing more about reviewing for BookLore (or any other site) see the following interesting and informative articles:
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