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Review Scores

We receive a lot of Reviews from unknown reviewers that have a score of 10/10. We are happy to post these reviews on the site but the maximum score will be 9/10.

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people out there who will send reviews with a perfect score to as many sites as possible to try and improve the success of a book. What we want are as many unbiased opinions as we can get on a book so that an informative ‘average' can be obtained.

Another reason is that if every title on the site was rated 10/10 there would be no point in having a scoring system at all; we would end up with a site full of perfect books, which just isn't true.

For these reasons we never give a book more than 9/10 for a review from an unknown reviewer. This score is reserved for Staff Reviewers we know in person who have no vested interest in the success of a particular book. We also quiz all Staff Reviewers on their 10/10 scores just to make sure they have carefully considered this high accolade and the book in question is truthfully that good… we don't half get through some light bulbs :).

Finally, please remember any particular review is only the opinion of a single person and that person's taste, views, hairstyle, favourite colour, etc., may vary radically from your own. If you don't agree after reading a book send in your own review; comments always welcome.

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