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How to Become a Book Reviewer...

In answer to a query from a visitor on how to become a book reviewer Paul Lappen wrote this article giving useful advice.

How to become a book reviewer...

First of all, I would suggest you find your book reviewing style. You may be comfortable giving a summary of the book without giving away the ending if it is fiction), then giving a few sentences of commentary and opinion on the book.

On the other hand, you may prefer to give just opinion and commentary on the book. If you end up not liking a book, I would suggest that you refrain from tearing the book, and author, to pieces in print. Just because you did not like it, does not mean that someone else will not love the book. Leave it at a simple "I didn’t like this book."

As to length, keep the review to somewhere around a couple of hundred words. There is no need to be like those people in the Sunday newspaper (at least here in America) who tend to go on and on about a book. The requirements of the Internet make it a good idea to break up the review into several paragraphs. Few people have the patience to sit and read an entire screen full of text in one giant paragraph.

Now that you are ready to start posting your reviews, use your favorite search engine and look for other book review sites (Yahoo is a good place to start). Visit some sites. If they don't specify a policy about accepting outside reviews, email them and ask. The worst they will say is 'No'.

Some sites will want just the title, author, publisher and year of publication, while others will also want the ISBN, price and address of the publisher. Some sites might want the review sent in a certain format; everyone's requirements are different. Don't worry about it. If you do nothing else, send your reviews to (or its various foreign affiliates). Consider starting your own book review website.

Just remember one thing: there is no wrong way to be a book reviewer.

Enjoy yourself!

Paul Lappen - 31st July 2004

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