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Read Harry Potter? Don't be silly, it's a children's book!

Having read BookLore’s reviews on J K Rowling’s Harry Potter books I thought I’d add the following.

I actually ordered the set of 4 books for my son, Callum, (one of his Christmas presents), whilst holidaying at Butlins last October I think! It was a Book People advert in my weekly Take a Break! Say no more!

I had heard bits and bobs about THIS Harry Potter but had no clue whom or what it was.

The books arrived and I thought how childish the pictures on the covers were and how the idea of a childish wizard didn’t appeal to me... until out of curiosity I attempted the first two pages… then I was hooked, a Harry Potter fan and have remained so ever since.

Despite a totally hectic, 3 children, self employed, time confusing lifestyle, I managed to read all 4 books within 4 weeks and felt TOTALLY bereft when I reached that last page.

How silly, 32 years old, a hectic life, reading a kids book for God's sake, yet missing it from the day I hit that last page...........and still eagerly awaiting the release of her 5th novel 'Order of the Phoenix'.

I bloody wish I had found that copy in the field that the Sun paper reported, I would have phoned my lifelong friend Chrissi first, discussed its content, maybe met her somewhere to read it, then wrote a damn good review on here before the rest of the world knew anything. Hey, we could have been rich!

Never mind, must say bye now, the bottle of wine in the kitchen is calling.

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Lesley - 15th June 2003

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