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My School Book Club

My School Book Club Website

The My School Book Club project represents the 21st century evolution of the familiar school book club concept. This new online service provides children with an engaging interactive literary community, offers parents direct access to a wide range of quality assured and competitively priced titles, whilst also delivering a significant new revenue stream for schools.

With My School Book Club, you get a website just for your school, absolutely free. Every month, it is filled with fresh selections of carefully chosen books for children up to 11, all at outstanding prices. Parents order directly from the school's website and pay online - which means teachers don't have to deal with any magazines, money or paperwork at all. And every book parents buy earns 20% in free books for the school.

The way it works is that teachers, department heads or school librarians sign up to the scheme and a personalised My School Book Club website is developed for their school free of charge. Pupils and parents are encouraged to start using the site and an impressive 20% of the value of all purchases made through the site is returned to the school to be spent on books for their school library.

For parents, the My School Book Club service offers a quality guarantee in that each and every book has been carefully selected by a panel of children’s authors, publishing professionals and children’s literacy experts. The books are competitively priced, with discounts of up to 50% on the most popular titles, and the ordering and delivery service is simple to use and hassle free. With each purchase made for their child, parents know that they are allowing their school library to make more books available to other pupils. And, unlike some commercial book clubs, there are no minimum purchase requirements.

For children, each school’s My School Book Club website presents an engaging and interactive literary community, with everything from book-related audio and video downloads and related literary links to competitions and access to signed copies from their favourite authors.

In essence, as well as providing a significant stimulus to children’s book sales and a welcome opportunity to supplement each school’s increasingly stretched book procurement budgets, the My School Book Club initiative encourages children to engage with books and reading whilst also helping teachers and parents develop this initial interest as the children grow and their reading-habits change.
My School Book Club is a very timely and forward-thinking service that is likely to play an important role in the development of children’s literacy.

‘A brilliant way of accessing 60 fantastic titles each month’ – Jacqueline Wilson

‘The best new idea in school book clubs for years’ – Michael Morpurgo

Nigel - 31st August 2009

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