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Puppet Child

Talia Carner

Average Review Rating Average Rating 7/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Mecox Hudson

Published : 2002

Copyright : Talia Carner 2002

ISBN-10 : PB 1-930252-98-6
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-930252-98-1

Publisher's Write-Up

Motherhood. The most profound human experience is being put to the test.

Puppet Child

Rachel Belmore is a poised, determined, yet vulnerable advertising executive fighting to bar her charming former husband, Dr. Wesley Belmore, from molesting their five-year-old daughter, Ellie. Caught in a nightmarish justice system, Rachel’s odyssey takes a turn for the worse when she loses her battle in the court of Judge McGillian. The judge, a gregarious man who believes that he applies the law without prejudice, is nevertheless trapped in his biases, which throw him into the eye of a media storm.

His young, easy-going law clerk, Phil Crawford, hides a dark secret as he sets out on a mission to change the fate of children betrayed by the justice system. The compassionate Phil forces his way into Rachel’s plight, but fails to dissuade the Judge from his harsh viewing of her case.

To save Ellie, Rachel must take the law into her hands and suffer the consequences.

Against the backdrop of media frenzy, corporate indifference, political corruption, family treachery, terrorism and judicial callousness, the story unfolds in blazingly sure-penned prose to reveal loyalty, the kindness of strangers, devotion, passion, and friendship. In a riveting tale of surprising twists, Puppet Child is a moving tribute to a mother who remains dignified, honest and loving as she changes the rules.

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Review by Denise M. Clark (050303) Rating (7/10)

Review by Denise M. Clark
Rating 7/10
Sometimes the result of an unimaginable, horrifying situation has the power to bring many to their knees in defeat. And while many succumb to the belief that one person alone cannot make a difference, there are others who put that belief to the test. And with that determination comes hope and the ability to make changes, not only in personal lives, but in society. A new author has attempted to do just that with her tale of a fallible justice system and the unforgivable crime of sexual child abuse. As the reviews are gathered, one can say that this author, alone, has the power to make just such a difference.

Puppet Child is author Talia Carner’s first novel; a unique and daring venture into the world of the criminal justice system and the sexual and emotional abuse of children.

The story revolves around Rachael Belmore, her daughter Ellie, and her surgeon husband, Wesley. For some reason, ever since little Ellie was an infant, Rachael has experienced feelings of disquiet whenever her husband is with Ellie alone. She has nothing to base her gut instinct on, she’s never caught him doing anything, and it’s just a nagging concern. A year later, when her daughter is nearly two years old, Rachael is shocked and horrified to discover that her instincts were correct when she walk in on her husband abusing the child.

What follows is a nightmare of accusations, flight, injustice and outrage. Rachael vows to protect Ellie at all costs despite the judges, lawyers and psychologists she must contend with every step of the way.

While the theme of child abuse is extremely disturbing and at times difficult to read, especially in regard to vivid descriptions rendered in painful detail by the author, Ms. Carner has written a book that encourages a sense of outrage and a demand for justice for her tiny victim. Excellent narrative blends with compelling dialog to create a thoroughly professional tale for this new author. Puppet Child is an intensely disturbing read. It is also a must read.
Denise M. Clark (5th March 2003)

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