Forthcoming Updates
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Forthcoming Updates

We have changed the format of the Forthcoming Updates page as it was becoming too unmanageable with so many variables involved.

If a book has been sent in to BookLore, by an Author or Publisher, it will now either appear on the list or not.

If a book is included on the list it means it has been received and forwarded on to an interested reviewer and we are fairly confident of a review being returned. The list is not in any particular order and a review will appear as and when it is received back from the reviewer. In the past we have tried to provide a timescale but this has simply not worked.

If a book is missing from the list it is awaiting a suitable reviewer, has been rejected, has been subject to a Negative Review, is unsolicited, etc. We endeavour to review all books submitted and a book may well appear some considerable time after submission if a receptive reviewer is finally found.

Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, even when a book has been sent to a reviewer and they have agreed to submit a review this sometimes does not happen. It is possible, therefore, for a title to appear on the list and then be removed without a review being posted.

If you have any questions about a book you have submitted please send an email to submissions(at)

Please be aware that submitting a book does not guarantee a review will be posted. Any books submitted to BookLore are sent free of charge and are not returnable. The BookLore Editor's Decisions are final.

Author Title
Jillian Torassa  Rebel Thirds 
Charlie Laidlaw The Space Between Time
Stewart Hoffman George Pringate's Last Hurrah
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