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The Augur’s Voice

Kerry Orchard

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : New Concepts

Published : 2003

Copyright : Kerry Orchard 2003

ISBN-10 : PB 1-58608-312-0
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-58608-312-0

Publisher's Write-Up

Sarah Tims has made a decision to end the pain of her life only to find herself crossed to a place where facing her own pain is her only way home. Sarah struggles with coming to terms with her predicament... Is she in hell? Is she insane? Or has she really crossed to this strange and wondrous world. Saviour, chosen one; Sarah must search an exotic and dangerous world to find the words of the Augur and save them all. She must face her weaknesses and pain, and accept the power this land bestows on her through the simple act of feeling...feeling emotions she had thought never to feel again.

Flanked by her mind beasts and with the help of a shape shifter, ghost guides, and the wondrous beings of Equidistant, she will attempt to save not only their world but her own and in that process, her self... but can she face the absolute horror of who is behind the destruction of Equidistant and it's link to her own world? Can she feel the only emotions that will save them all - first love, then, compassion?

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Review by Molly Martin (311003) Rating (9/10)

Review by Molly Martin
Rating 9/10
Sarah Tims receives word that her father has just died. Debating with herself about whether to ‘go home’ or not Sarah finally decides she should attend the funeral. Sarah’s life at home was not filled with joy following the untimely death of her mother when she was but a child. Sarah goes to the home of her aunt and uncle and disappears.

Unbeknownst to Aunt Mary Sarah had come across the membrane separating this world from that of Equidistant. Sarah doesn’t know whether she should be dismayed, horrified or simply upset when told that she is the last best hope for Equidistant. The Augur has foretold that She will appear to provide the beleaguered land strange land with the help it needs to throw off the menace tormenting Equidistant. Werd, Dazruhn, and their henchmen are bent upon destroying everything it seems.

While Sarah sets out to fulfill the edicts set down by Augur Ecusson Echewan 5 Aunt Mary and Uncle Tim are searching for Sarah. Mary finds Sarah’s brother John Andrew badly injured, rushes him to hospital and continues to ponder where Sarah may be. Monger, Trapper, two Ephemerals-Leas and her brother Fhlanael Falling Leaf along with assorted others as she presses on in her dangerous quest aid Sarah. Dragons, ravens, mind produced creatures abound in this exciting tale. More than once Sara and her party face near death before coming face to face with their nemesis. The tale ends in satisfying manner despite the necessity for Sarah to remain in Equidistant.

Writer Orchard follows her debut work The Thoughtmaster’s Conduit with another well-drawn impressive read in The Augur’s Voice. The Augur’s Voice is a wonderfully superintended undertaking filled with first class exchange between characters, zestful exciting energy and at times pleasantly puzzling incertitude. Unfamiliar Advancement of knowledge is judiciously depicted by the capable Writer Orchard in this innovational presentation occupied with the essential quality of sagacity and technique. Milieu, characters, scenario are all lavishly drawn by this clever author. Rugged motivations stimulate the participants in this elaborate narrative filled with cleverly interwoven perilous plot twists. Breach of faith, longing, consternation, fright and despair are all captured by Writer Orchard as she deftly pens another razor sharp, focused account.

The Augur’s Voice pulls the reader right into the narrative from the commencement paragraph, grips them close from beginning to end in this action packed drama straight on to the very last line on the last page. I particularly liked the technique Orchard employed carrying the reader to earth now and again and then back to the greater tale of Sarah and her quest. Difficult technique to carry out successfully; Orchard does it with aplomb.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend. This is a perfect book for a quiet evening at home.
Molly Martin (31st October 2003)

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