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Vex PictureWhy do I like reading?

Hmm... How do you answer a question like that? I guess it all started back when I was in school, and one of my teachers suggested I read 'Faranheit 451' by Ray Bradbury. This book made me realise that there was a lot more to books than the kind of novels we were made to read as part of our course.

Having sparked my interest in books, I went on to discover many other authors: Douglas Adams, introduced to me by my computer studies teacher. Shaun Hutson, via an interview with the author on The James Whale Show!. Terry Prachett, because a friend of mine just couldn't stop laughing out loud will reading 'Guards! Guards!' and I had to know what the hell was just so funny! Not forgetting, William Gibson, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Issac Asimov, Brian Lumley, Richard Laymon, and many many others.

So I now have many books, not as many as Nigel, but certainly quite a few, and despite all the DVDs, videos, cable channels, computer games, and pubs, I still seem to find time to read these bundles of paper with words inscribe on them.

But having babbled on for three paragraphs, I still haven't managed to answer the question.

Why do I like reading? I don't know... Because I enjoy it!

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