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Joshua Ortega

Average Review Rating Average Rating 8/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Jodere Group

Published : 2003

Copyright : Joshua Ortega 2003

ISBN-10 : HB 1-58872-069-1
ISBN-13 : HB 978-1-58872-069-6

Publisher's Write-Up

At the turn of the century, a technology was created which allowed people's thoughts to be monitored as electromagnetic wavelengths and frequencies. In 2012, the Frequency Emissions Act was passed, creating a special division of the FBI, the Freemon, or Frequency Emissions Monitors, to isolate and detain individuals who infected others with their illegal frequencies. After a wave of mass arrests, a world of convenience and security materializes...

It is now 2051. The place, Seattle. An ordered world is about to get shaken up.

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Review by Denise M. Clark (300803) Rating (8/10)

Review by Denise M. Clark
Rating 8/10
Marc McCready is a Freemon, a FREquency Emissions MONitor, a special division of the FBI that was founded in 2012 ‘in order to monitor, database and investigate potential breeches in security. The agent is sent to investigate a man suspected of ‘freeking out’. (Slang for ‘frequency emissions violator – i.e. revolutionary or subversive thoughts.)

Frequencies is set in the future, a future where creative thought is illegal. It’s Big Brother to the max… it’s cameras and thought control gone amok. It’s a time of brain implants and chips, androids and advanced bionics.

Ashley Huxton is the granddaughter of the man who created Ordosoft, a company that controlled the majority of the world’s operating systems. Her father, Mason Huxton, has had his dying wife cloned, and she is ‘freeking out’, due to a virus type info bomb somehow absorbed into her system. Mason hires Marc to guard Ashley until the family can leave ‘Xanadeux’, his home, for safer territory in Tibet. Immediately upset that he’s relegated to glorified babysitting, Marc is nevertheless pleasantly surprised when he meets Ashley and discovers she is nothing like the augmented, plastic snob he envisioned her to be.

McCready, a man who prefers the past, learns more about himself than he bargained for as he strives not only to keep Ashley safe, but also to keep his distance from her as he is drawn to her natural splendor and character in a world filled with clones and augmented beauties.

Frequencies is an ambitious work, a work filled with plots and subplots on top of subplots… it is not an easy read, but it is a fascinating and intriguing one. Complete with a glossary (an Omegappendix, actually), this book is one that sets its hook fast and doesn’t let up until the last page is turned. Author Ortega has created an intriguing world of the future, one with just enough reminders of the past to make it not so distant, nor implausible, and brings to life a main character rich in diversity and faults.

Though a tad slow to start, the book takes off after the basic scenarios and descriptions of life in the future are rendered, quickly becoming a mystery, a romance, and an action/adventure all rolled into a great sci-fi story. This ambitious work is very well done, filled with excellent narrative, three-dimensional characters and compelling and colourful dialog. Mr. Ortega is certainly an author to watch for in the future.
Denise M. Clark (30th August 2003)

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