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Adam McDaniel

Adam McDaniel grew up in Connecticut and New Jersey. He attended New York's Vassar College, winning honours at various festivals for his student film work and receiving the college's academic film & cinematography prize upon graduation. (He also wrote a stage play that had the misfortune of opening the same night as an on-campus Billy Joel concert.)

McDaniel has served as a technical director and set designer for several theatrical stage shows, and as a production designer and cinematographer for independent films and documentaries.

He currently works in Hollywood within the field of postproduction for motion pictures, and does freelance illustration and writing in his spare time. Sharing his home in southern California with an adopted 13 lbs. Siamese cat named Kubrick, he tries to visit his family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, as often as heaven allows. Not satisfied in letting his story sit on a shelf because producers deemed the project too offbeat, dark and expensive for a feature film, McDaniel reworked and rethought the material into a full-length novel.
Adam McDaniel's first novel originated as a screenplay, Heaven Sent, which received some attention in Hollywood two years ago thanks to a favourable review from the staff of entertainment website Aint It Cool News, citing it as one of the best undiscovered scripts of the year.

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How to Succeed in Heaven Without Really Dying (2002)

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