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by Veronica Roth
by Veronica Roth
by Veronica Roth
Internal Security
by David Darracott
Kitchens and Gadgets 1920 to 1950
by Jane H. Celehar
Betting on the Muse
by Charles Bukowski
September Wind
by Kathleen Anderson
by Rheo Palaeo
by Toby Barlow
Raising Steam
by Terry Pratchett
Vic: Mongol
by Jerry Gill
Eden M51
by G.R. Paskoff
Emerald City
by Jennifer Egan
by J. J. Abrams and Doug Dorst
Section 51
by V. G. Harrison
Return of the Outlaw
by C. M. Curtis
by Scott Sigler
The Cuckoo’s Calling
by Robert Galbraith
by Hugh Howey
The Demon Left Behind
by Marie Jakober
The Bell Jar
by Sylvia Plath
God Collar
by Marcus Brigstocke
River Rising
by T.P. Jones
The Savage Altar
by Asa Larsson
Xander Caine and the Alien Prophecy
by Alexander Scruggs
To the Lighthouse
by Virginia Woolf
The Bone Season
by Samantha Shannon
The Writer
by Emily Sun Li
Young Adam
by Alexander Trocchi
Kingdom Come: The Mayan Answer
by Margaret Evans
Ghost Story
by Peter Straub
The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken
by Tarquin Hall
by Hugh Howey
The Lovely Bones
by Alice Sebold
Mossad X
by Ori Rotem
Perfect Family
by Pam Lewis
A Ghost Town Cowboy Love Affair
by Nina Moon
by Tom Stafford
FAB: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney
by Howard Sounes
The Kennedy Conspiracy
by Michael White
The Catcher in the Rye
by J.D. Salinger
The Abomination
by Jonathan Holt
by Dan Brown
The Guardian of Genghis Khan's Tomb
by Michael B. Hickland
Second Glance
by Jodi Picoult
The Recruit
by Robert Muchamore
Sagitarius: the Fall of the Centaur
by Philip Vago
I'd Rather We Got Casinos
by Larry Wilmore
Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore
by Robin Sloan
Madam President
by Jerry Beller
The Demolished Man
by Alfred Bester
The Prophet
by Ethan Cross
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
by Hunter S. Thompson
Deadly Distractions: Stan Turner Book 5
Act Normal: Stan Turner Book 8
Disillusioned: Stan Turner Book 9
by William Manchee
by Hugh Howey
State of Mind
by Sven Michael Davison
The Spiderwick Chronicles: Care and Feeding of Sprites
by Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black
Getting Rid of Matthew
by Jane Fallon
Blue Friday
by Mike French
Camera 4
by Martyn Ellington
The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter
by Holy Ghost Writer
by Gabrielle Zevin
The Killing of Hamlet
by Ann Morven
The Casual Vacancy
by J K Rowling
Trial in Jade: The Mayan Return
by Margaret Evans
Diary: Alone on Earth
by J. D. Weldy
The Pleasure of my Company
by Steve Martin
The Describer's Dictionary
by David Grambs
Little Miss Straight Lace
by Maria Romana
The Cry of the Icemark
by Stuart Hill
Moon Bumps
by James Marsden
Aging Gratefully
by Michael McGan
The Turn of the Screw
by Henry James
I, Partridge: We Need To Talk About Alan
by Alan Partridge
Broken Slate
by Kelly Jennings
Circle Tide
by Rebecca K. Rowe
An Object of Beauty
by Steve Martin
A Voyage to Arcturus
by David Lindsay
Paraestrals Volume I
by S E Stenner
I Am Alive
by Cameron Jace
by Mark Fleming
The Lurking Man
by Keith Rommel
The Roswell Conspiracy
by Boyd Morrison
The Fault in Our Stars
by John Green
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Review - FlashFlash by Tim Tigner
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Chrissi has reviewed Flash by Tim Tigner. Two blood-spattered strangers awake locked in the trunk of a car - with a murdered cop and the smoking gun. Aside from raging headaches and no idea what has happened they appear to have nothing in common. Troy thinks it’s 2001 and he’s still a combat surgeon fighting terrorists in Afghanistan. Emmy believes it’s 2002 and she’s still grifting a living from the streets of L.A. Are they archenemies or co-conspirators? Lovers or friends? What the hell are they doing in the Caribbean? And why is a Croatian assassin determined to kill them? The only thing they do know for certain is that they’ll be spending the rest of their lives in prison if the police catch them before they uncover the truth... more»»
Chrissi 30th November 2014 [8/10]
Review - Shadow on the SunShadow on the Sun by R. Julian Cox
Average Review Rating Average Rating [9/10] (1 Review)
Paul has sent in a review for Shadow on the Sun by R. Julian Cox. In this eco mystery suspense novel a nuclear scientist has inadvertently become responsible for one of the biggest breakthroughs in defence technology since the atomic bomb ended the Second World War. The scientist’s original aim was to provide limitless, clean energy but a Government has been quick to realize its other application. Forced to sublimate his original ideals in exchange for cash and for the sake of his stricken young son he reluctantly complies. But as the project nears completion new calculations show it can have unexpected effects far beyond those he ever intended. He tries to speak out but no one is listening... more»»
Paul Lappen 30th November 2014 [9/10]
Review - RevivalRevival by Stephen King
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Matthewf has sent in a review for Revival by Stephen King. A spectacularly dark and electrifying novel about addiction, religion, music and what might exist on the other side of life. In a small New England town, in the early 60s, a shadow falls over a small boy playing with his toy soldiers. Jamie Morton looks up to see a striking man, the new minister, Charles Jacobs. Soon they forge a deep bond, based on their fascination with simple experiments in electricity. Decades later, Jamie is living a nomadic lifestyle of bar-band rock and roll. Now an addict, he sees Jacobs again - a showman on stage, creating dazzling 'portraits in lightning' - and their meeting has profound consequences for both men. Their bond becomes a pact beyond even the Devil's devising, and Jamie discovers that revival has many meanings... more»»
Matthewf 30th November 2014 [8/10]
Review - Vic: Time Doesn't MatterVic: Time Doesn't Matter by Jerry Gil
Average Review Rating Average Rating [9/10] (1 Review)
Paul has sent in a review for Vic: Time Doesn't Matter by Jerry Gill. In this first in the Vic series, meet Vic, a new female action hero from the 1920’s. From jungle adventure in Africa to more jungle adventure in the Yucatan, join this new heroine for non-stop excitement! A merciless, agonizing memory can sometimes break a person and render them incapable of facing even the commonplace without being unnerved. Sometimes it endows a person with near super human ability to take action in even the most savage of circumstances. Vic’s memory from a thousand generations past has emboldened her with the daring and determination to embark on an epic quest that may last a lifetime and on any day could take her life... more»»
Paul Lappen 31st October 2014 [9/10]
Review - CounterpartCounterpart by Rorie Smith
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Nigel has reviewed Counterpart by Rorie Smith. A decorated World War Two hero and a beautiful Thai lady who has suffered for twenty five years with Parkinson's disease are both dead. They are my father and my wife. This is a memoir of their lives. It is a love story, a story of adventure, a comedy and an homage. There is gambling, a gun, a bizarre manuscript. It is an attempt, by means of fiction, to be true to the spirit of who they were. It is also an attempt to preserve their memory for generations future. Because if we forget those who have gone before us we forget our history. And if we do not know our history how can we know ourselves? Counterpart is also an acknowledgement that there are as many different ways to see a life, or to write a memoir, as there are stars in the sky... more»»
Nigel 30th September 2014 [8/10]
Review - Vic: Never Give UpVic: Never Give Up by Jerry Gill
Average Review Rating Average Rating [9/10] (1 Review)
Paul has sent in a review for Vic: Never Give Up by Jerry Gill. 1920's adventuress Vic Challenger and her friend Lin Li are off again. There shouldn't be any danger this time. Their plan - No bad guys, no monsters. It's basically a camping trip. Oh well. Adventure stretches from Arizona to the Highlands of Scotland. They run into bad guys, centuries old evil, prehistoric creatures, bad luck and life. They find more than once that life can sometimes be harsh on top of harsh. Death comes calling more than once but they Never Give Up... more»»
Paul Lappen 30th September 2014 [9/10]
Review - Fractured LegacyFractured Legacy by Charles B. Neff
Average Review Rating Average Rating [9/10] (1 Review)
Molly has sent in a review for Fractured Legacy by Charles B. Neff. In Pacific Northwest mountains, the clash of an old family legacy, tribal land rights, and a marriage in trouble result in a suspicious death, threatening the lives of those who try to discover its causes. Sara Winter has reached a crisis point in her Cascade Adventures business and also with her husband Jeff. Bebe Sorensen is distressed to find her protected life as a local historical archivist invaded. Police detective Bill McHugh tries to sort out a suspicious death, and rapidly finds that big business and political interests across the mountains in Seattle are closely following his progress... more»»
Molly Martin 30th September 2014 [9/10]
Review - Among the PeopleAmong the People by Keith Rommel
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Nigel has reviewed Among the People by Keith Rommel. After breaking one of Belial's laws, Sardurvial, a fallen angel, discovers the terrible truth behind one of hell's many secrets. He flees the false paradise and murderous companions, finding himself at the mercy of the people he once sought to destroy. Kathy, injured and grieving, is approached separately by two mysterious people and is presented with a warning and a choice: save the injured man or let him die. Her decision to aid or ignore a stranger determines the course of her own fate. Rommel weaves the supernatural struggles seamlessly with the human, internal struggles of loss and remorse, beautifully crafting the thrilling story of a demon, fallen from hell, who seeks shelter and redemption... more»»
Nigel 31st August 2014 [8/10]
Review - Behind the Screens at the City GeneralBehind the Screens at the City General by Peter Sykes
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Chrissi has reviewed Behind the Screens at the City General by Peter Sykes. What really goes on 'behind the screens' of a busy hospital ward? The heroes of the novel are Paul Lambert and his girlfriend Kate Meredith. Paul, a quiet and introspective young doctor, tells the real-life tales of some of his patients, at a time forty years ago when care and compassion ruled supreme. Kate is a nurse who learns more about patient care when she is admitted as a patient to her own ward than she does from all her nursing tutors and text books! Some stories are humorous, some sad, others poignant, but all are very 'human'. There is the tale of the wife who becomes pregnant two years after her husband’s vasectomy, the milkman’s tattoo that was mischievously altered whilst he was anaesthetised and the case of the elderly spinster who brought her pregnant cat to the emergency department... more»»
Chrissi 31st August 2014 [8/10]
Review - The Sinful ManThe Sinful Man by Keith Rommel
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Nigel has reviewed The Sinful Man by Keith Rommel. Leo needs something... his stomach growls, but it can wait. That’s not hunger he must feed. He has to get to his next high, but without money he knows he can’t buy what he needs to sate the voice inside telling him to get more, get more. No luck asking his father. His mother is in no position to help. After failing to steal the money he desperately needs, Leo must appeal to his dealer, the dangerous and infamous Saint Nick - despite the inevitable beating he’ll take for showing up empty-handed. Still, anything to keep the voices and flashbacks at bay. Leo soon learns that everything has a price - not just money for drugs, but that every choice he makes has a repercussion. Suddenly caught between a world where he can see the sins of his past and a new consciousness that he doesn’t fully understand, Leo finds himself not only chasing the dragon, but being chased by demons of a whole different kind... more»»
Nigel 31st July 2014 [8/10]
Review - The Puzzle BoxThe Puzzle Box by The Apocalyptic Four
Average Review Rating Average Rating [9/10] (1 Review)
Paul has sent in a review for The Puzzle Box by The Apocalyptic Four. An intriguing anthology where reality is transient and the puzzle box holds the key to the meaning of life. Archaeology Professor Albert Mallory understands reality. He knows the way the world works. When he steals an ancient puzzle box to pay off gambling debts, he thinks the only mysterious thing about the artefact is how to get it open. But when a stranger appears at Albert’s door demanding to see the box, Albert is plunged into mysteries he never dreamt possible. Through the tales of four others who succeeded in opening the puzzle box Albert learns that reality is transient and the way the world works is not found in text books.. more»»
Paul Lappen 31st July 2014 [9/10]
Review - Cry of the Fish EagleCry of the Fish Eagle by Peter Rimmer
Average Review Rating Average Rating [9/10] (1 Review)
Molly has sent in a review for Cry of the Fish Eagle by Peter Rimmer. This is the story of Rupert Pengelly who first heard the Cry of the Fish Eagle when he was stationed in Rhodesia for six months during the Second World War. As he was to find and as the saying goes, once you have heard the Cry of the Fish Eagle, you will always come back to Africa! It is during that first six months, Rupert searches for Sasa, the orphaned daughter of his friend, Rigby Savage. Rupert was honouring a promise made to Rigby to care for Sasa if anything did happen to him. To complicate the search, Sasa's eccentric grandfather, Kobus Loubser, had taken the young orphan into the bush prospecting for emeralds. The search is unsuccessful and Rupert returns to the war, with intentions afterwards of farming the family estate in Cornwall. However a distant cousin, George Geake, conspires to cheat him out of his inheritance and Rupert loses his beloved home... more»»
Molly Martin 31st July 2014 [9/10]
Review - My Teacher Says You’re a WitchMy Teacher Says You’re a Witch by Jane Schaffer
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Chrissi has reviewed the non-fiction My Teacher Says You’re a Witch by Jane Schaffer. A project set up by Ofsted in 1996 trained many new recruits to be inspectors. It was at a time when Chris Woodhead had convinced the government and populace alike that teachers and schools needed to buck up their ideas. Now Ofsted could carry out its dreaded inspections across the length and breadth of the land, but Jane Schaffer’s book asks the question… Did Ofsted Inspections make a difference? For nine-year-old Steven, whose chaotic home life and severe dyslexia make home unpopular. With his teacher, it does. In the four days of the school’s inspection, Steven’s teacher picks up a handful of the much-feared unsatisfactory grades and so passes the point of professional acceptability. She leaves the school, and Steven and his classmates get a new teacher who is good at her job. Outcomes, however, are not always as happy... more»»
Chrissi 30th June 2014 [8/10]
Review - Red Sky RadioRed Sky Radio by Matt Howarth
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Paul has sent in a review for Red Sky Radio by Matt Howarth. Using a converted space hotel as their base, Peri Fairchild and the other freelancers dive into the clouds of Baltuss to mine gases. Their activities are challenged by the extreme capitalists of Harvest Corporation who view them as pirates. With the illegal radio station Red Sky Radio providing free entertainment, follow Peri, her boyfriend Taz and the other miners as the final showdown with Harvest Corporation leads to irrevocable changes, both for the miners and Harvest.. more»»
Paul Lappen 30th June 2014 [8/10]
Review - Desert SwarmTarizon: Desert Swarm by William Manchee
Average Review Rating Average Rating [9/10] (1 Review)
Molly has sent in a review for Tarizon: Desert Swarm by William Manchee. Due to a freak auto accident, Jack Carpenter discovers a strange geological formation in the Mojave Desert near Bat Mountain, California. He thinks little about it until he returns out of curiosity and discovers the formation is growing, and doing so at a staggering rate. Fascinated by this he calls in his friend George Parker, a local geology professor, and together they begin to study the Bat Mountain Formation in earnest. George has never seen or heard of a geological formation that is growing nearly six inches a day, so he contacts a friend at the U.S. Park Service to get him to take a look. Eventually the word of the bizarre discovery gets out and people flock to see this miracle in the desert... more»»
Molly Martin 30th June 2014 [9/10]
Review - The Wolf WarriorsThe Wolf Warriors by M J Fleming
Average Review Rating Average Rating [9/10] (1 Review)
Dave Lett has sent in a review for The Wolf Warriors by M J Fleming. The Dark Ages. The Roman Empire has fallen. The former province of Britannia has lapsed into anarchy. Bandits roam the ruined towns. Feral dog packs prowl the forests. Vikings pillage the coasts. Anglo-Saxon war parties invade from Germania intent on reducing the native Britons to slaves, or severed heads to decorate their encampments. Kady is a Briton, the teenage daughter of Kai, a Druid. Kai is mutilated by a werewolf – a Saxon who had ingested a shape-shifting potion. At the moment of his death Kady inherits her father's mystical powers. As the Germanic hordes conquer all before them, she must utilise her new-found skills, quickly learning how to cast spells, read minds, and receive visions. And fight... more»»
Dave Lett 30th June 2014 [9/10]
Review - CoercionCoercion by Tim Tigner
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Chrissi has reviewed Coercion by Tim Tigner. On the eve of Perestroika while investigating his brother’s death, Alex Ferris stumbles onto a KGB General’s scheme to regain Russia’s superpower status. After surviving attempts on his life and assembling bizarre clues, Alex flies from San Francisco to Siberia to find answers and avenge his brother. In the midst of that frozen landscape and those tumultuous times, he survives infiltration, interrogation, and romance only to learn that he too is being manipulated as part of a much grander scheme. Written by a former Green Beret and Soviet Counterintelligence Specialist, Coercion is a Robert Ludlum global conspiracy crossed with a Ken Follett historical drama... more»»
Chrissi 31st May 2014 [8/10]
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