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by Veronica Roth
by Veronica Roth
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Review - BetrayalBetrayal by Tim Tigner
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Chrissi has reviewed Betrayal by Tim Tigner. Presumed dead after an attack blamed on al-Qaeda, FBI agent Odysseus Carr is running for his life with the missionary doctor who rescued him in Iran. Meanwhile the same power players who sent Odi to his death are now manipulating his sister, FBI profiler Cassandra Carr, into blindly tracking him down. As Odi unravels a devious plot of profound political manipulation and global consequence, the hunted becomes the hunter, and then the real terror begins. Written by a former Green Beret and Military Intelligence Specialist, Betrayal combines Vince Flynn’s hard-core covert action with Nelson DeMille’s gripping drama in a thought provoking and suspenseful thriller... more»»
Chrissi 28th February 2015 [8/10]
Review - Modern Disciples (Volume 1)Modern Disciples (Volume 1) by Ian Anderson
Average Review Rating Average Rating [9/10] (1 Review)
Paul has sent in a review for Modern Disciples (Volume 1) by Ian Anderson. The children of the gods walk among us, and their cold war has just begun. Enter a world where the Greek, Norse, Japanese, Hindu, and many other Pantheons of gods are all real. They would never openly admit it, but they have been having children with mortals despite their pact to withdraw themselves from our world. These children, known as Disciples, have never known their true heritage. When the ancient enemies of the gods escape their prison, the gods call upon their disciples to investigate any activity that may have been orchestrated against the gods and humanity. These investigations very often lead to intrigue and always lead to danger. Fortunately being the child of a god comes with many perks, including supernatural abilities... more»»
Paul Lappen 28th February 2015 [9/10]
Review - Modern Disciples (Volume 2)Modern Disciples (Volume 2) by Ian Anderson
Average Review Rating Average Rating [9/10] (1 Review)
Paul has sent in a review for Modern Disciples (Volume 2) by Ian Anderson. The country of Japan is devastated by a mysterious storm that literally leaves a dark cloud over the entire country. By day, the sun struggles to break through the cloud. By night, the country is overrun by nightmares. The lightning from the storm has damaged several power plants causing brown outs and people have a self-imposed curfew. Women are going missing or being murdered in public bathrooms. Men are found dead in the streets. The people of Japan are scared, and they should be. They are caught between the gods of Japan and an enemy that was banished many millennia ago. The one hope they have left is a group of six disciples and the queen of the gods who has gone absent. The third volume of the Modern Disciples saga finds our six heroes in Japan fighting spawn from Japanese mythology. They encounter tengu, kappas, goblins, and some characters from Japanese urban legends... more»»
Paul Lappen 28th February 2015 [9/10]
Review - Modern Disciples (Volume 3)Modern Disciples (Volume 3) by Ian Anderson
Average Review Rating Average Rating [9/10] (1 Review)
Paul has sent in a review for Modern Disciples (Volume 3) by Ian Anderson. Jane Dotter has spent the last few months in Las Vegas trailing a man who may be in league with the Titans. He is a well-known mobster who controls more than half the drug trade in the city. She is joined by Lisa Mikoto, a fellow disciple she met on her previous journey. Her suspicions are confirmed when she has an encounter with the spawn. Jane and Lisa soon learn that Ryan Hunter is gathering their group back together in Vegas. They are soon joined not only by Ryan, but Angie, Sajaad, and Armand. Jane's mother Freya appears and confronts Jane with a new task. Not only does Jane receive a new mission from her mother, but she must also deal with her developing feelings for Ryan. When an encounter with an old enemy brings a new sense of urgency, Ryan decides to split the group up into three teams... more»»
Paul Lappen 28th February 2015 [9/10]
Review - One Million EuroOne Million Euro by Rorie Smith
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Nigel has reviewed One Million Euro by Rorie Smith. A group of pilgrims led by the long dead poet Walt Whitman and the legendary football manager Sir Roy Babadouche are walking the Camino de Santiago. In the group are Echo the African Autodidact, Jack the Devon publican, and an unlikely bank robber called Oscar Bebbington. Also in the group are a socialist climber called Wilson, a dentist by the name of Denis Dennis and Venezia, a jolie Quebecoise. Two donkeys carry their equipment. They are very modern pilgrims as none of them believes in God. Instead they declare: 'We are on pilgrimage to regain our humanity.' The group start their pilgrimage near Marciac in southern France, crossing into Spain via the Col du Somport. Their journey, a distance of 650 miles, takes them a total of 54 days. One Million Euro recounts their many and strange adventures. During the course of the journey the pilgrims also tell stories of their lives. Some of these stories are true, but others are made up... more»»
Nigel 31st January 2015 [8/10]
Review - NecropolisNecropolis by Michael Dempsey
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Paul has sent in a review for Necropolis by Michael Dempsey. In a world where death is a thing of the past, how far would you go to solve your own murder? NYPD detective Paul Donner and his wife Elise were killed in a hold-up gone wrong. Fifty years later, Donner is back: revived courtesy of the Shift. Supposedly the unintended side-effect of a botched biological terrorist attack and carried by a ubiquitous retrovirus, the Shift jump-starts dead DNA and throws the life cycle into reverse, so reborns like Donner must cope with the fact that they are not only slowly youthing toward a new childhood, but have become New York''s most hated minority. With New York quarantined beneath a geodesic blister, government and basic services have been outsourced by a private security corporation named Surazal. Reborns and infected norms alike struggle in a counterclockwise world, where everybody gets younger... more»»
Paul Lappen 31st January 2015 [8/10]
Review - Celestial NavigationCelestial Navigation by Anne Tyler
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Ben Macnair has sent in a review for Celestial Navigation by Anne Tyler. From the Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Amateur Marriage and Digging to America, comes this unusual and touching novel about two oddly-assorted characters and their intertwined lives. Jeremy is a child-like, painfully shy bachelor who has never left home. He lives on the third floor of his mother's boarding house and spends his days cutting up coloured paper to make mosaic sculptures - until the day his mother dies and the beautiful Mary Tell arrives to turn his world upside down... more»»
Ben Macnair 31st January 2015 [8/10]
Review - Blood Lust 4: Being SupremeBeing Supreme by Rhys A. Wilcox
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Nigel has reviewed Being Supreme by Rhys A. Wilcox. It has always been Danny Knight's dream to gain enhanced abilities and be a part of a society or league for justice, standing for nobility, honour and decency. So when the chance arises, his first altruistic act is to introduce his best friend (a covert vampire) to the team. Coincidentally (or conveniently), someone starts killing the heroes. As each superb man or wonderful woman becomes an ex-man or insensible woman, the danger heightens inversely proportional to the number of remaining suspects. Amidst conventional heroic duties, origin stories and tight fitting costumes come subverting brutal violence, bad language and awkward sexual encounters... more»»
Nigel 3rd January 2015 [8/10]
Review - The NSA FilesThe NSA Files by Terry Persun
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Paul has sent in a review for The NSA Files by Terry Persun. The NSA pulls Dan Johnston out of a comfortable, but boring, retirement to help them with a very unusual case where they believe politicians are being swayed through the internet and the use of totem animals. Dan has known for years that it’s a strange world, but he’s not exactly a technical geek, and has little knowledge of what it is the NSA wants him to do. As a shaman, he’s used to going to other worlds, but not a machine world. So, he does what he knows how to do, he enters through the people being affected. To make matters worse, his son, Jason, just returned from shaman training, which wasn’t going well at all for him - something about a giant snake... more»»
Paul Lappen 31st December 2014 [8/10]
Review - Hidden ImpactHidden Impact by Charles B. Neff
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Molly has sent in a review for Hidden Impact by Charles B. Neff. Jim Nordberg returns to Nicaragua where he was once a Peace Corps Volunteer, and discovers that a diary survived an old plane crash. The diary reveals secret activities during the Iran-Contra affair. People who were involved in those events will kill to keep the diary buried. Caught in the middle, Jim locates Luci Fuentes, whose own past is tied to the danger around them, and the two of them find strength - and much more - in each other... more»»
Molly Martin 31st December 2014 [8/10]
Review - Le FreakLe Freak by Nile Rodgers
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Ben Macnair has sent in a review for Le Freak by Nile Rodgers. The astonishing and wildly entertaining memoir of Nile Rodgers: legendary producer and co-founder of the band Chic. You will hear a Nile Rodgers song today. It will make you happy. Legendary producer and co-founder of Chic, Nile wrote We are Family for Sister Sledge and I'm Coming Out for Diana Ross, and then produced Let's Dance for David Bowie and Like a Virgin for Madonna. But before he reinvented pop music Nile Rodgers invented himself. Le Freak is an astonishing, exuberant and inspiring story of a creative genius. It is also a stunning recreation of a time and place - by the man who wrote its soundtrack... more»»
Ben Macnair 31st December 2014 [8/10]
Review - FlashFlash by Tim Tigner
Average Review Rating Average Rating [8/10] (1 Review)
Chrissi has reviewed Flash by Tim Tigner. Two blood-spattered strangers awake locked in the trunk of a car - with a murdered cop and the smoking gun. Aside from raging headaches and no idea what has happened they appear to have nothing in common. Troy thinks it’s 2001 and he’s still a combat surgeon fighting terrorists in Afghanistan. Emmy believes it’s 2002 and she’s still grifting a living from the streets of L.A. Are they archenemies or co-conspirators? Lovers or friends? What the hell are they doing in the Caribbean? And why is a Croatian assassin determined to kill them? The only thing they do know for certain is that they’ll be spending the rest of their lives in prison if the police catch them before they uncover the truth... more»»
Chrissi 30th November 2014 [8/10]
Review - Shadow on the SunShadow on the Sun by R. Julian Cox
Average Review Rating Average Rating [9/10] (1 Review)
Paul has sent in a review for Shadow on the Sun by R. Julian Cox. In this eco mystery suspense novel a nuclear scientist has inadvertently become responsible for one of the biggest breakthroughs in defence technology since the atomic bomb ended the Second World War. The scientist’s original aim was to provide limitless, clean energy but a Government has been quick to realize its other application. Forced to sublimate his original ideals in exchange for cash and for the sake of his stricken young son he reluctantly complies. But as the project nears completion new calculations show it can have unexpected effects far beyond those he ever intended. He tries to speak out but no one is listening... more»»
Paul Lappen 30th November 2014 [9/10]
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