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Star Books

Star Books are titles that have been given 10/10 by BookLore and are also recognised as something special, 10+ if you will. If you are not a particularly prolific reader and you are only going to read one book, read one of these; you can't go far wrong*.

Not all books with a 10/10 rating on BookLore are automatically awarded a star. This is an additional recommendation given by the reviewers when they feel a book is worthy of additional note.

This is a genuine reflection of the book as to be awarded a Star Rating the book has to have a 10/10 score in the first place, which is not given out lightly; see Review Scores for more information.

* Please remember any particular review is only the opinion of a single person and that person's taste, views, hairstyle, favourite colour, etc., may vary radically from your own. If you don't agree after reading a book send in your own review; comments always welcome.

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