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Eyes of Truth
A Kingdom of Naj Mystery

Linda Suzane

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Twilight Times Books

Published : 2004

Copyright : Linda Suzane 2004

ISBN-10 : PB 1-931201-38-2
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-931201-38-4

Publisher's Write-Up

When a body is found drained of blood, the ruler of Naj sends his brother Insu-ha Dar to investigate. In distant Dak-moon, Dar discovers a series of gruesome murders and a city plagued by a mysterious sickness and gripped with fear of dangerous night creatures.

The Insu-ha's ability to tell if a person is lying should make it easy for Dar to discover the killer, but he finds it isn't. With his companion, a retired assassin named Waulo, Dar searches for the truth. A truth that the Magistrate Insu-ha Shoki doesn't want him to find. For Insu-ha Shoki has stolen the secret of immortality from the Dolzi and now forces others to pay the price for his obsession.

Can Dar find the real murderer and save three innocent farmers wrong accused of the crime Can he stop Insu-ha Shoki's plans before they destroy the whole Kingdom of Naj Can he avoid the assassin's knife.

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Review by Molly Martin (010521) Rating (9/10)

Review by Molly Martin
Book Source: Not Known
Rating 9/10

Linda Suzane’s Eyes of Truth introduces the reader to the Kingdom of Naj where the Insu-ha, a dynasty of divine descent sovereigns in the Kingdom of Naj are endowed with metaphysical perception.

The eyes tattooed upon their foreheads confirm the control the Insu-ha possess. Playing cards with an Insu-ha undoubtedly means you will lose. Not so when Insu-ha Zomo plays nu with his sidekick, the retired murderer Waulo.

Dar who is known as an advocate for the underprivileged and over laden along with Waulo are quickly entangled in a desolate rowdy adventure in the border domain of Fanara. When trouble arises in the border province of Funara, the ruler of Naj sends his brother, Dar, to investigate.

Insu-ha Dar is sent to Dak-moon by Dyamu Cojii, the ruler of Naj, to check out a recent, peculiar, murder, the body located in Funara Province has been drained of blood. The Insu-ha's aptitude for deducing if a person is deceitful should simplify the job for Dar to determine the killer, but to his chagrin Dar finds it isn't. With Waulo, sent not so much for her special talents as Dyamu Cojii’s desire to protect the citizenry from her card playing skills, Dar searches for the truth.

Ruling Dak-moon with a heavy hand is Dar’s old adversary the reclusive Magistrate Insu-ha Shoki.

Dar learns the city is beleaguered by an enigmatic illness, there has actually been a series of gruesome murders and the area is obsessed with terror of perilous night creatures. The cryptic Dolzi, Shoki who slumbers by day and is seen only at night, along with ghost sickness no one can clarify, bugling watch dragons kept busy as their sensitive natures realize impending dangers all play a part in the conundrum Dar must unravel.

The answers Dar uncovers including a shocking truth that the Magistrate Insu-ha Shoki does not want uncovered; not only dismay but come close to killing him. Insu-ha Shoki has stolen the secret of immortality from the Dolzi and now forces others to pay the price for his obsession. Three blameless farmers have been wrongly accused of the crime, can Dar save them from punishment? Can he evade the assassin's knife? Can he thwart Insu-ha Shoki's treacherous plans before they destroy the whole Kingdom of Naj?

Waulo’s secondary talent, the facility to prevaricate undetected by Insu-ha will prove to have huge worth as Dar and Waulo disentangle the circumstances surrounding the strange situation in which they find themselves.

Writer Linda Suzane has again fashioned a work of epic flair via the lexis of a nifty narrative woven in multifaceted chronicle, seething with conspiracy and peril, peopled with distinctive characters driven with uncommon motivations while ignoring formula regarding vampire and fantasy novels sans reluctance. I find the product to be a satisfying escapade mingled against a well-developed developed backdrop.

The mythical world Suzane has created on the pages of Eyes of Truth is filled with a broad spectrum of characters, localities, morés and situations. All are designed to carry the reader along on a wild ride of excitement. Writer Suzane wisely offers a list of characters, along with explanation of the various localities found in her created world. The morés of the land are interwoven within the well-wrought tale author Suzane has crafted. The reader is presented with commanding exploit, enjoyable lively dialogue, and compelling dilemmas. From the opening line when Insu-ha Zomo confronts Waulo right down to that last paragraph as Raku the young clerk for Funara province reads through his report of activity in the region; the reader is carried along on a fast-paced page turner filled with spirited trade-offs, powerful performances and potent quandaries.

Eyes of Truth is certain to hold enormous appeal for those who enjoy exhilarating escapade interlaced against a well-developed invented background... surprising ending and I hope that there will be more puzzles for Dar and Waulo to solve.

Interesting Read, Happy to Recommend.
Molly Martin (1st May 2021)

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