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The Witches of Vegas

Mark Rosendorf

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : The Wild Rose Press

Published : 2020

Copyright : Mark Rosendorf 2020

ISBN-10 : PB 1-5092-3211-7
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-5092-3211-6

Publisher's Write-Up

By using their magic, the Witches of Vegas become the number one act performing on the Las Vegas Strip - a great achievement for them, but not so much for the magicians - who can't possibly keep pace. Isis Rivera is the adopted fifteen-year old daughter of The Witches of Vegas. Zack Galloway is the teenage nephew and assistant to the last magician left in the city. Although they should be rivals, when Valeria, a four-hundred-year-old witch with a long-seeded grudge against humanity arrives in Sin-City, both teens act to bring their families together to stop the evil hag in her tracks. But can the combined witches' powers and the ingenuity of the magicians be enough to stop Valeria from taking over the city and possibly the world?

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Review by Molly Martin (211120) Rating (9/10)

Review by Molly Martin
Book Source: Not Known
Rating 9/10

Mark Rosendorf’s The Witches of Vegas is a 272 page, fast paced read filled with mystery and the mysterious.

Prologue: Based on a true story from a different reality… Six years ago.

The Reader is first introduced to nine-year-old, Isis Flores Rivera, a sad foster child, beaten, locked in a dark basement, not fed for days, and is now running for her life away from her foster parents, and neighbours and friends of theirs.

Isis has no doubt the armed crowd does intend to kill her.

From that astounding opening we trail Isis as she encounters and is protected by Sebastian Santell and his small coven of witches; who with Luther, their vampire counsellor, only want to live in harmony with their non-enchanted fellow citizens.

The account picks up six years later as fifteen-year-old Isis is considered ready to take her place with her coven family as she completes her first deed of levitation for an audience. Isis has been painstakingly taught to regulate her emotions and her level of magic.

Over confidence is almost her undoing.

Living in Las Vegas; the coven relishes a dandy place to each perfect their own performance while executing deeds of magic for spellbound audiences who suppose the group must be the finest magicians ever. No one has a clue how the supposed magician stunts are undertaken, and fill seats in the Sapphire Resort for each show.

Zack Galloway and his actual, non-magical, magician uncle Herb, Victoria Hunter a supposed news columnist who often reveals secrets magicians employ, Luther, a centuries old vampire, and secretive Valera make up the rest of the characters moving the story forward.

Las Vegas appears as a faultless setting for an assemblage of non-lethal witches, rather the coven is determined in their wish to live in harmony and provide assistance as needed; while they can perform feats of magic for the amusement of the human audience. The coven has purpose for their lives and appreciates the happy, amazed expressions on the faces of their audiences.

Luther is a thought-provoking vampire, and is not at all the average, fanged menace as is so often portrayed.

Mysterious Valera is an ominous, human loathing 400-year-old witch determined to wipe out all humans.

Spoiler Alert

Only the combined efforts of the coven and Herb, the genuine, last remaining magician, and his assistant nephew in Las Vegas bring Valera’s dishonourable plan to naught.

The Witches of Vegas is a Dandy Read, Happily Recommended especially for the young adult target audience, and all who enjoy a well written, ‘who dunnit’ yarn having overtones of magic.
Molly Martin (21st November 2020)

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