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And the Beat Goes On

Sonny Bono

Average Review Rating Average Rating 8/10 (1 Review)
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Published : 1991 

Copyright : Sonny Bono 1991

ISBN-10 : HB 0-671-69366-2
ISBN-13 : HB 978-0-671-69366-4

Publisher's Write-Up

In this candid, frank and highly entertaining autobiography, Sonny Bono tells his fascinating story - the tale of a man who lived the American Dream, got knocked down more than once, yet rose again to new triumphs. It is also the story of one of the greatest singing duos of the century - Sonny & Cher, "two lost kids who shared the same dream".

Cher's former other half recounts his exciting life and career, describing his salad days pitching songs door-to-door, his first date with Cher, their seemingly "overnight" success, their marital difficulties, and his post-Cher political life.

16 pages of photographs.

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Review by Molly Martin (010521) Rating (8/10)

Review by Molly Martin
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Rating 8/10

Sonny Bono And the Beat Goes On includes a dedication to Bono’s wife at the time of his death. ‘This is for my wife Mary, who entered my life at a most critical time. She brought with her a strength that has given me the focus and direction I had never before been able to achieve. And to the greatest gift a man could receive… to my children, Christy, Chastity, Chesare, and Chianna.’

Part 1 Needles and Pins beginning on page 3 and ending on page 18 begins with the chapter heading ‘She’ll Make Me Cry Until The Day I Die’ begins with Bono campaigning for Mayor of Palm Spring, California. Dave Letterman asked, ‘Where did it all go wrong?

Sonny’s reply is poignant and moving, ‘it’s too hard for two people to have a marriage and be in show business. Comes a time when you lose the relationship and discover you’re a business. I look at Sonny and Cher almost as two other people. I love them, like any other fan.’

Part 2 The Revolutionary Kind beginning on page 21; and ending on page 84, on Bono’s 33d birthday Cher gave him a birthday present; a diary.

On the pages of the diary Bono started with his parents, their arranged marriage, beginning when his fourteen-year-old, 2d generation American mother was married to Santo recent émigré. Bono goes on to share thoughts re his life as a child, with sisters, living in Detroit, elementary school, moving to California at age 7, wanting to please his taciturn dad, learning about girls, developing an interest in music, disappointing his family with lack of interest in education beyond high school. A series of jobs, early marriage, birth of his first daughter and divorce, meeting Cher and becoming acquainted with the music business round out the section.

Part 3 I Got You Babe beginning on page 87, and ending on page 181, details some of his life with Cher, their marriage, her mother Georgia, Cher’s miscarriages, birth of their daughter Chastity, Sonny and Cher, and the increasing disintegration of their marriage ends the section on a sad note.

Part 4 Bang, Bang My Baby Shot Me Down, beginning on page 185; and ending on page 236 begins on an upbeat, happy note as the stardom craved, achieved and enjoyed before waning began to return.

Sonny indicates his puzzlement that even though everything seemed to be falling into place once again, however, ‘(he) did not understand, what he thought he understood; was that he was on the receiving end of a complete shellacking re everything the pair had accomplished.’

The pair had gone from ‘has-beens, to hot stuff’, Sonny and Cher were popular on TV, strategizing for separate careers in 1974, The Sonny Comedy Revue, divorce negotiations, a trip to Greece with daughter Chastity and discovering Chas could not read ends part 4 on a sombre note.

Part 5 The Beat Goes On beginning on page 237 and ending on page 274 opens with Sonny and Suzie Coelho marrying in Aspen, 1984 Bono’s restaurant opens in West Hollywood, Sonny’s marriage with Suzie ends, Palm Springs, California, Sonny marries a 4th and final time, Bono’s Restaurant opens in 1986 in Palm Springs, fighting city hall, Sonny runs for mayor and WINS.

Chesare and his sister Chianna cement Sonny and Mary’s relationship.

The narrative is completed prior to Sonny’s bid for a seat in the US House of Representatives, he won, and his death due to a skiing accident.

I enjoyed reading Bono’s thoughtful chronicle of his life before, with and after Cher. I too am a Californian, of the generation growing up with Sonny and Cher and have long been a fan of theirs.

The book moves easily from page to page, situation to situation, is given in pretty straight forward prose, not a ‘poor me, mean her’ work, rather it is an account in which Bono makes no excuse for his own philandering, does not rant regarding what went wrong; simply sets down a narrative similar to that of many famous personalities who find personal life and business to not mix very well.

I particularly enjoyed reading of the music industry in California during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. It was a period of change and excitement especially for those of us who were living there at the time; and enjoyed the music of the time. Did then, still do. The book has many photos of young Cher, Sonny and other music and Hollywood personalities of the era, along with clips from their hit TV show. Many of the pics brought back memories of sitting with my own little sons watching the Sonny and Cher show.

Happy to recommend the book for the older generation who grew up with Sonny and Cher on TV, and for younger readers who may simply want to know more of the pair.

Interesting Read … Recommended.
Molly Martin (1st May 2021)

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