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This page contains old items in date order for the year 2000.
Date of Update
30th December 2000
Soul Music
A Safe Place
Slaughterhouse 5


Mr Commitment
Birds of Prey
The Perfect Storm
High Risk

The Empty Chair

Pole Position
Janet Evanovich
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Well, can you believe it, almost 2001 already! Where did 2000 go? We have a large number of reviews this time due to the unprecedented response from reviewers...which is great. In fact, it's so good I'll give details: 14 Reviews of 12 Books by 6 Reviewers:)
Salt by Adam Roberts
Nigel has reviewed Salt by Adam Roberts, a Science Fiction novel involving a lot of Sodium Chloride.

Jingo and Soul Music by Terry Pratchett
Nigel and Thief have both reviewed Terry Pratchett's novels Jingo and Soul Music, although it must be said that Thief's reviews are a little on the small size! (Not half, Ed.)
A Safe Place by Lorenzo Carcaterrs
Chrissi reviews Lorenzo Carcaterra's A Safe Place, the same guy that wrote Sleepers (also made into a very good film:).
Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut
Nigel has reviewed the American modern classic Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut, and very weird it is too. :)
Spanky by Christopher Fowler
Victim has reviewed Spanky by Christopher Fowler, a story involving not a very nice demon (if there are any nice ones.....except Crowley of course:).
Mr Commitment by Mike Gayle
Ru has submitted his first review and typically it's a life 'situation' comedy (Ru also likes Iain Banks' black humour:) Mike Gayle's Mr Commitment is about every bloke out there....just trying to keep everybody happy with the minimum of fuss and discomfort. Very funny.
Birds of Prey by Wilbur Smith
Chrissi has read Wilbur Smith's Birds of Prey. A story all about pirates and the high seas with typical Smith action and adventure.
The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger
Crystal has been kind enough to review The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger. This is a biography that is currently popular due to the high action George Clooney film of the same name.
High Risk by Matt Dickinson
Chrissi has read Matt Dickinson's High Risk, the high in question being above the ground as it is a thriller set in the world of mountain climbing.
The Empty Chair by Jeffery Deaver
The Empty Chair is the new Lincoln Rhyme mystery, the creation of author Jeffery Deaver. In this latest installment our hero is about to undergo corrective surgery. This is one of Chrissi's favourite characters and I think you'll find her review reflects this.
Pole Position by Tess Stimson
More of Chrissi's sunday afternoon reading. Pole Position by Tess Stimson .
Author Profile - Janet Evanovich
We have added an Author Profile for Janet Evanovich, her of Stephanie Plum fame.
19th November 2000
Void Moon
Hitchhikers Guide

Sushi for Beginners

Otherland Vol. 2
The Code Book
The 'Late but not late' update
Some of you may have noticed that we had two months between dates last time so although this update is early it is also late for a monthly thingy.
Anyway, enough excuses. We've made some major changes to the site to try and reduce load times. A number of you commented on the large graphics and this, combined with poor server bandwidth, has been driving the devoted away in droves (nobody look at the hit counter!!) The site is much cleaner and faster. We hope you like it. All comments to editors(at)
Void Moon by Michael Connelly
Nigel has finally managed to read Void Moon by Michael Connelly. Chrissi has been going on about it for months and he was in fear of becoming a victim himself!!
Catwalk by Georgina Newbery
This is one of Chrissi's remainder book shop purchases (she always seems to go for the nice covers:). Catwalk by Georgina Newbery is all about the fashion business (never have guessed would you?)
The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
We thought it was time to do this classic. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams has got to be one of the great cult novels of the 80's. Who hasn't read it?
Bloom by Wil McCarthy
Bloom is Wil McCarthy's fifth novel and very good it is too, with an excellent twist. Man has been pushed to the edges of the solar system by the 'Bloom'. Can he survive?
Valhalla by Tom Holt
Tom Holt's latest novel, Valhalla, is reviewed by Nigel.
Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes
Friends went to a book reading of Sushi for Beginners by the author Marian Keyes and brought us back a signed copy. The author was extremely funny apparently and Chrissi says she enjoyed the book immensely.
Otherland Vol. 2 by Tad Williams
Chrissi has been forced kicking and screaming to review Otherland Vol. 2 by Tad Williams (only as she promised months ago:). If you have read her review of Vol. 1 you will understand her reluctance, but who said a reviewers work was always pleasant? (I didn't, Ed.)
The Code Book by Simon Singh
Chrissi and Vex have both read The Code Book by Simon Singh and have nothing but praise for it. Chrissi has done her review and we are just awaiting Vex's (Do it now m8 while you are reading this!!)
...and finally
We've been searched a number of times for Harper Lee's 'To Kill a Mocking Bird', so for this persistent person (or, hope of hopes, persons) we will be reviewing this next time.
Don't forget to check out the Forthcoming reviews section and remember, if you want to make any comments, report broken links and the like, ask for or submit a review, just use the Suggestions form or mail us editors(at) cheers.
27th September 2000
An Uncertain Currency
A Darkness at Sethanon
Clyde Lynwood Sawyer, Jr.
The 'Not Allowed To Say' Oops! update
I have been banned from using Oops! in the title or anywhere else in this or future updates as the 'Joke' has gone on for far too long (and apparently a fixation for Britney is not healthy:). All I can say is Oops!
We have added 5 books this time. It was going to be more but we ran out of time :).

An Uncertain Currency by Clyde Lynwood Sawyer, Jr.
Chrissi has reviewed An Uncertain Currency by Clyde Lynwood Sawyer, Jr. and Francis Witlin. This novel was sent directly to Booklore by the Author (gasps from the audience:) If any other authors, publishers or very rich people wish paper objects reviewing please don't be shy, drop us a line to editors(at) In all seriousness, we were thrilled, and it's a very good read to boot
Review from Victim
We have f
inally received a review from Victim, Psychomech by Brian Lumley, as promised several months ago :) Cheers m8.
Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist
Chrissi has reviewed Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar Saga....ALL of it!!!! Check out Magician, Silverthorn and A Darkness at Sethanon
Author - Clyde Lynwood Sawyer, Jr.
We have added an Author page for
Clyde Lynwood Sawyer, Jr., a very nice man :). The book links for Terry Pratchett and Tom Holt have also been updated.
30th August 2000
John Barnes

Fallen Angels

Mother of Storms

A Million Open Doors
Earth Made of Glass
Terry Pratchett
Jumping to Conclusions
The Coffin Dancer
Oops! We've over compensated!
Due to the last two pathetic attempts at an update we have gone over the top this time to make up with a veritable review fest (pssst, has anyone noticed the sad Britney theme? NOT my idea I assure you. Ed.) Nigel has gone mad and decided to stick to one author, read all his/her/its novels, review them, update the author section and cross link everything..... we shall see.
In line with this John Barnes has been added to the Authors section. Check it out and send in thoughts to editors(at)

Review from Thief
We have received a review from the 'outside' world, namely from Thief, which is nice and something we would like to encourage. However, due to its brevity we include the whole thing here - Terry Pratchett's Jingo "It was all right" - nice one mate.
Fallen Angels by Eddy Shah
Chrissi and Nigel have both reviewed Eddy Shah's Fallen Angels. Good thriller that will surprise.
Various by John Barnes
Hmmm, John Barnes has written a few more than originally thought. Nigel has managed to review Mother of Storms, A Million Open Doors and Earth Made of Glass. A nice try but could do better! (sounds like his school report. Ed.)
Author - Terry Pratchett
The Terry Pratchett Author page has been updated, with all titles now listed chronologically. Some interesting links have also been added.
Jumping to Conclusions by Christina Jones
Chrissi found Jumping to Conclusions in the remainder book shop. See what you think; I liked the cover :)
Jeffery Deaver's The Coffin Dancer
The The Coffin Dancer is the sequel to The Bone Collector, which is currently out and about as a film with Denzel Washington. Chrissi enjoyed this one.
And finally
Well, we hope that has made up for our lack of reviews over the past weeks. Hopefully we shall have more varied ones next time as we sent nasty e-mails to all reviewers reminding them of their 'passion' and asking them to digitus extractum.....and yes, that means you Victim
7th August 2000
Quake Days

Encounter with Tiber
Oops! We did it again
Late again, and only a very small one this time:) It's summer and with everyone on holiday not many reviews have been done......hmmmmm.
Encounter with Tiber
Nigel has just finished reading the Buzz Aldrin (yep, the moon bloke) and John Barnes collaboration Encounter with Tiber and jolly good it is too :)
17th July 2000
Quake Days

Kaleidoscope Century
The Bromeliad

Oops! We're Late
Sorry folks, a day late with the update due to the Quake Day 9 LAN party being held this weekend. Lots of Stella drunk and games played. Check out the event at the Quake Days website. Anyway, on with the reviews.
Inconceivable by Ben Elton
Nigel has finally stopped laughing and reviewed Ben Elton's hilarious new novel Inconceivable. There should be a health warning with this book :)
Otherland Vol 1 by Tad Williams
The first volume of Tad Williams new fantasy epic, Otherland, is reviewed by Chrissi.
Kaleidoscope Century by John Barnes
An older story (1995) from John Barnes, Kaleidoscope Century, is reviewed by Nigel.

The Bromeliad by Terry Pratchett
And finally The Bromeliad trilogy is reviewed by Nigel.
25th June 2000
The Business
Permutation City
Cradle and All
Turbulent Priests

Minor Update
Are you ready for this? All (yes, that's all) the books from the last Forthcoming Reviews section have been read!

The Business by Iain Banks
Iain Banks' The Business has just been finished by Nigel. Very funny prologue...go to the review and check it out... 
Permutation City by Greg Egan
Nigel has also reviewed Greg Egan's Permutation City. This is a mind blowing book!
Unforgiven by A. J. Holt
Chrissi has reviewed A. J. Holt's second thriller, Unforgiven.
Cradle and All by James Patterson
James Patterson's new novel, Cradle and All, is also previewed by Chrissi. I don't know why but she always seems to have a Patterson in her hands! Is he really that prolific or is it something more sinister......send in your ideas to editors(at), the best one will be published. There may even be a prize .
Turbulent Priests by Colin Bateman

Chrissi has also finished Colin Bateman's Turbulent Priests; her review has been added to Nigel's here.
10th June 2000
Watch Me
False Memory
Reviewer Fantum

Minor Update
I'm afraid it's only a small one this time since we are very busy at the moment (we spoilt you last time:). We are trying to get the Authors section up-to-date for all the books currently included on the site (not a small task).
Neuromancer by William Gibson
Victim has previewed William Gibson's Neuromancer, another of his dark recommendations....all sounds a bit odd to me (but then who am I to talk?)
Watch Me by A. J. Holt
Chrissi (she has a cold at the moment, sympathy to editors(at)
:) has reviewed a computer thriller by A. J. Holt, Watch Me, which is very good by all accounts.
Dean Koontz's False Memory
Dean Koontz's latest thriller, False Memory is reviewed by Nigel
New Reviewer Fantum
We have a new reviewer, Purple Fantum. Although there is nothing on his page at the moment, details will be provided shortly, along with his first review (hopefully in time for the next update mate:)
27th May 2000
Ronan the Barbarian
One for the Money
Two For The Dough
Three To Get Deadly
Four To Score
High Five

The Fifth Elephant
Revelation Space
New Site Search
Reviewer Jay

Win a Prize
Spring Bank Update
Another holiday update. Unbelievably the reviewers have again stuck to there reading plans (yes, they really do say what they are going to read - only not when:) although Chrissi has gone overboard and done ALL the Janet Evanovich novels to date.....too much time if you ask me
Ronan the Barbarian by James Bibby
Victim and Nigel have both reviewed James Bibby's Ronan the Barbarian. Very funny send up based on Conan the Barbarian. An excellent new talent (four books to date) in the same vein as Pratchett. Which leads us nicely to.....
The Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett
I'm sorry but this guy is a God....I'm not saying which one, but one none the less :) The Fifth Elephant is the 24th Discworld outing and it returns us to the characters we first encountered in Guards! Guards! Sam Vimes up to his old tricks and wolves aplenty.
One for the Money (and all the rest)__by Janet Evanovich
Chrissi has gone completely mad and not only reviewed One For The Money as promised, but also Two For The Dough, Three To Get Deadly, Four To Score and High Five. As you may have guessed this has got to be one of Chrissi's favorite authors!
Quote from Chrissi - "I really enjoy this series, it makes me laugh, there are plenty of wonderful characters here, girl power with extra helpings of pudding. You have to sympathise with a lady who can sit and eat cheesecake for breakfast!!"
Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds
Nigel reviews Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space, a good old fashioned Science Fiction novel.
New Site Search Added
We have finally updated that crappy old search engine (what do you mean we only added it last time!!!!) The new one uses services and is extremely cool. Check it out here. Thanks Vex for the URL!
New Reviewer Jay
We have a new reviewer, Jay. He will look after the teenage audience and report on the latest Buffy outing and the like (I may even end up helping:)
14th May 2000
Acorna's Quest
Acorna's People
Site Search
News Archive
Mid way between Bank Holidays Update
Unbelievably the reviewers have again stuck to there reading plans (yes, they do say what they are going to read next, although you wouldn't guess from past performances) and reviewed the books they said they would. Three books are reviewed from the last Forthcoming Reviews section have been added.
Acorna, Acorna's Quest and Acorna's People by Anne McCaffrey
We have now completed Anne McCaffrey's Acorna trilogy as promised. Chrissi has finished reading the last two books, Acorna's Quest and Acorna's People, while Nigel has completed Acorna and has added his review to that of Chrissi's posted last time.
Darklost by Mick Farren
Mick Farren's Darklost has been on the forthcoming list for some time now but it has finally been reviewed by Nigel. Excellent Vampire novel by a talented author.
Site Search Added
We have finally added a Search facility. It isn't very clever as the server we currently use won't allow our own cgi scripts, so it's done using javascript instead...a bit pants but it works.
News Archive
We have moved old items from this page to a News Archive in case you have too much spare time.
1st May 2000
The Suburban Salamander Incident
May Day Update
Whatever happened to the Russian display of Military might at this time of year. You know the old saying 'He that boasts doesn't have anything to boast about, but he who is silent needs watching'. Just made that up by the way, sounds good though.
Finally the reviewers are using correct procedure (almost)
. We have managed to review two of the four books from the last Forthcoming Reviews section, which has been updated to reflect this with new titles.
Acorna by Anne McCaffrey
Chrissi has done a review of Anne McCaffrey's Acorna, a requested item for Purple Fantum. Acorna's People will be reviewed shortly (when we get a copy).
The Suburban Salamander Incident by Andrew Harman
Reviewer Chrissi has also reviewed Andrew Harman's The Suburban Salamander Incident which isn't quite as mad as it sounds (or is it?)
New Navigation Aid
Pathetic I know but we have added a link to all the review pages so you can navigate to the top of the page more easily....isn't modern technology wonderful
More Reviews for Hannibal
We have two new reviews for Hannibal by Thomas Harris. The one by Vex is very deep and incisive, summing up the book well.
New Smilies nicked from an AQ Forum to add a bit of colour
We've added smilies...nuff said.
25th April 2000
Day of Reckoning
Under the Sun
Easter Update
What's the point of having a bloody good idea if no one is going to use it? (including me...doh:)
There are four reviews of three books in this update, none of which appeared in the Forthcoming Reviews section. We are however getting through these books and the next update WILL include at least three of those detailed....promise.
Under the Sun by Michel Faber

Under the Sun is an interesting novel from a new author, Michel Faber, detailing the day in the life of a rather different serial killer.

Day of Reckoning by Jack Higgins
The latest installment for the likeable rogue Sean Dillion, Day of Reckoning is reviewed by both Chrissi and Nigel (Dillion fans:).

Blueheart by Alison Sinclair
A new novel from Alison Sinclair, Blueheart is a Science Fiction story about an ocean planet and its inhabitants.
Forthcoming Reviews
We have been trying to get a copy of Acorna's People for Purple Fantum. Haven't managed that yet but we do now have the first book in the series, Acorna. This is currently being read by both Chrissi and Nigel and will be reviewed shortly. See Forthcoming Reviews.
9th April 2000
Turbulent Priests
Reviewer Victim

Turbulent Priests by Colin Bateman
We have just finished the Colin Bateman Novel Turbulent Priests; read the review here.

Reviewer Victim
Reviewer Victim has detailed his reasons for living, sorry reading:) He has also added a new review for Christopher Fowler's Psychoville.
Complicity by Iain Banks
Chrissi has added a full review of Complicity by Iain Banks (thereby completely bypassing the fantastic Forthcoming Reviews section)
2nd April 2000
Site Help
Void Moon

Greg Egan
April Fool
It's really 1st April but I couldn't think of a good joke so the update is dated tomorrow:)
The review for Greg Egan's 'Quarantine', along with the Author Page for Greg Egan, has finally been completed. The sitemap for the more detailed Help section has been added.
Void Moon by Michael Connelly and Hannibal by Thomas Harris
Chrissi has added two new reviews. The first is for Michael Connelly's Void Moon while the second is for the sequel to Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, by Thomas Harris (just need your review now Vex:).
Proper Reviews
Up until now we have been guilty of posting book reviews before they have actually been read. From now on we will have a new section, Forthcoming Reviews, which will detail books we plan to read in the near future. We will then only post full reviews of books that have been read in the Current Reviews section. If you have any books you want adding to the Forthcoming Reviews section please use the Suggestions form and we will do our best.
The Reviewers section has been updated to detail the people behind the site and the books that have influenced them (there are even some photos:).
27th March 2000
Quick Note
A quick note to all you Matrix fans, the next update will be 1st April 2000
New viewer
We have a new visitor to the site....Purple Fantum. I understand he plays for a rather good Action Quake clan...and reads as well.
Necroscope by Brian Lumley

This new review has just come in for Brian Lumley's Necroscope from Victim. Details are a bit patchy at the moment but we will complete the review as soon as possible.
18th March 2000
Site Help

Greg Egan
A Help section has been added so people get the best out of the site (mainly to aid newbies who want to look at Past Reviews and see a list of books by the same Author).
Quarantine by Greg Egan
The fantastic SF book 'Quarantine' by Greg Egan is reviewed.
Authors Section Updated
The list of books by a particular author now has a publication date with each title so you can see their 'Career' development.
And Finally
We wish Vex a very happy 27th Birthday today....another book lover ( horror
mainly, which goes with the odd music he likes :). Unlike Ray he does manage to read every now and then. I do believe he promised to review Hannibal by Thomas Harris at some point in the very near future (subtle reminder :).
12th March 2000
Book a Minute
Site Revised
The whole site has been updated to look a little neater (hopefully). The links page has a few new ones as well as the immensely funny 'Book a Minute'. We now also have a HOT news item :)
9th March 2000
Turbulent Priests
Snow White and the Seven Samurai
A Novel for Ru
Here are the details of the new Colin Bateman Novel, Turbulent Priests. This is a sequel to Divorcing Jack, Colin Bateman's debut novel and 'Of Wee Sweetie Mice and Men' and the exploits of Dan Starkey. As Ru will no doubt tell you in an up-and-coming review 'It's great!'
The new Mick Farren Novel
Those nice people at have just delivered the new Mick Farren vampire novel 'Darklost'. Not published in this country you will have to order this title from such a company. The question is, will it be worth it?? You, like me, will have to wait and see....I haven't read it yet :)
A Review at last!!!
An actual review saying stuff about a book has finally been posted.....don't all rush at once to
'Snow White and the Seven Samurai'.
2nd March 2000
Reviewer Chrissi
Important stuff
Should the flash logo be upgraded or ditched....suggestions here :)

Interesting Stuff
Chrissi writes of her love for books. This should get through to the hardest nonreader. Go here.

And Finally
We wish Ray a very happy 29th Birthday....a great book fan (Discworld
© mainly :) although he does need to catch up a little......many happy returns.
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