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Mick Farren

Average Review Rating Average Rating 8/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Tor

Published : 2000

Copyright : Mick Farren 2000

ISBN-10 : HB 0-312-86979-7
ISBN-13 : HB 978-0-312-86979-3

Publisher's Write-Up

Los Angeles - City of Angels, City of Dreams. But sometimes the dreams become nightmares. Victor Renquist, centuries-old Master of a small group of Nosferatu, is working to establish the Colony in their new home, after leaving New York just one step ahead of exposure. In many ways, life in Los Angeles is easier - the city is full of enough lost souls, with no one to mourn them or question their disappearance, that the awesomely powerful Nosferatu experience no difficulty sating their need for fresh human blood. They have become a deeper, darker part of the city's nightlife.

And Hollywood's glitterati are hot on the scent of a new thrill, one that outshines all others - immortality. Never to die. Even though it means joining the ranks of the Undead, some - especially one aging superstar who fears the waning of his popularity - are ready and willing to pay the price.

Renquist is faced with a dilemma. For the Colony to remain viable, it must grow. He knows this, the other members know this, and each seeks to control the choosing of the new blood. But every new member brought through the rituals into the ancient compact of blood and terror poses a new problem of politics, of group dynamics, of power. As Master, Renquist must walk a tightrope - balancing the conflicting desires of the members and himself while still remaining in control.

And Renquist is uneasy. Ancient instincts warn him that someone, somewhere, is meddling with even darker powers, powers that even the Nosferatu fear, powers that are totally inimical to all life. The Council of Nine, governing board of Apogee, a highly successful quasi-religious cult, is attempting to summon the entity of ancient evil know as Cthulhu - a being that figures all too frequently in Renquist's dreams. He must find a way to stop them and also solve the problem of the Darklost, a human brought partway along the road to becoming Nosferatu and then cruelly abandoned.

Can Renquist overcome the growing dissent in his own Colony and unite all his forces, old and new, to save the world - of humans?

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Review by Nigel (140500) Rating (8/10)

Review by Nigel
Rating 8/10
The sequel to The Time of Feasting, Darklost, continues seamlessly from the previous novel and tells the story of a modern day Vampire Colony and their master Renquist. A number of loose ends from the first story are tied up and the fate of one particular character resolved.

A good sequel maintaining enough interest even thought the subject matter is over used.
Nigel (14th May 2000)

American Import not available in this country. Vampire horror sequel to The Time of Feasting.

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