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Fallen Angels

Eddy Shah

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (2 Reviews)
Book Details

Publisher : Doubleday

Published : 1994

Copyright : The Messenger Group 1994

ISBN-10 : HB 0-385-40580-4
ISBN-13 : HB 978-0-385-40580-5

Publisher's Write-Up

Tim Flaherty is a provisional IRA terrorist who is released by an American federal court after being held for crimes committed in the UK. At his celebration party an unknown hand assassinates him; and Francis Duggan, a top CIA analyst of Irish descent, is brought in to investigate.

In London, Sam Richardson works for MI6 following a stint in the SAS, serving in the Gulf War and Northern Ireland. His role now is counter-terrorism, and he is deputed to be Duggan's minder. It soon becomes apparent that Flaherty's killing is the work of a new and previously unknown group - the Angels. They are linked with a secret plan, hatched by the British authorities some years ago but never put into operation.

Duggan and Richardson join forces rather warily, and are plunged into the brutal conflict with the IRA in Belfast. Soon the Angels are involved in further acts of violence around the world as they carry out their aim to 'fight fire with fire', culminating in an explosive operation in the Everglades wetlands of Florida.

Fallen Angels is a superb adventure, packed with action and compulsively readable. The savagery of the fight against the IRA, set against the background of the Downing Street Declaration, has never been more thrillingly depicted or more topical.

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Review by Chrissi (300800) Rating (9/10)
Review by Nigel (300800) Rating (8/10)

Review by Chrissi
Rating 9/10
Now, another of my favourite books... probably read twenty times but it was a great excuse to read it all over again... (Nigel hates this little foible of mine!)

Brilliant and very plausible plot, how to solve the problems within Northern Ireland to the satisfaction of all involved. Well, it is a riveting, fast paced read, and it fair zips along, with lots of violence and human being type mess involved along the way.

There are a few bits where those of a more delicate disposition may prefer not to read, but I can honestly say that knitting never was my favourite sport anyway, and even the normal kind is akin to torture for me !!
Chrissi (30th August 2000)

Review by Nigel
Rating 8/10
I must admit I didn't fancy this book, but Chrissi kept pestering me saying how good it was and I should read it. So, for a quiet life more than anything, I sat down and started and as always she was right.

It's a fantastic thriller that never gives in and I couldn't put it down. Very intense and dark in places with some bits reading more like a manual entitled 'The Art of Torture'.

Very good and highly recommended, although I would definitely give it an 18 rating.
Nigel(30th August 2000)

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