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Greg Egan

Australian author born in 1961. First works were Science Fantasy short stories with his first fantasy novel, An Unusual Angle, being published in 1983. From the mid 80's Greg Egan started to write brilliantly incisive Science Fiction with a bias towards Biological and Genetic Engineering. His first Science Fiction novel, Quarantine, was published in 1992.

Books by Greg Egan Links
The Eternal Flame: Orthogonal Book Two (2012)
The Clockwork Rocket: Orthogonal: Book One (2011)
Zendegi (2010)
Incandescence (2008)
Schild's Ladder (2002)
Teranesia (1999)
Diaspora (1997)
Distress (1995)
Permutation City (1994)
Quarantine (1992)
An Unusual Angle (1983)

Short Story Collections:
Oceanic (2009)
Crystal Nights and Other Stories (2009)
Dark Integers (2008)
Luminous (1999)
Our Lady of Chernobyl (1995)
Axiomatic (1995)
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