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BookLore Submissions

This page is for Publishers wishing to submit their work for review.

BookLore is an independent UK book review site with a small but loyal following. We gratefully accept books from publishers for review. If you would like a book you publish reviewed and details posted on the site please follow the instructions below.

1/ No e-books or electronic files. BookLore currently does not have any dedicated e-book reviewers. This may change in time but at the present we spend too much time in front of the computers as it is! :-) At present we only accept manuscripts, proofs or finished copies.

2/ Reviews are mainly for works of fiction. The main genres are currently:
[Science Fiction]
[Science Fantasy]

We do have reviewers for the following, but they are not as prolific as others, so each item would be considered based on a reviewer's personal interest:

3/ Send an email to submissions(at) detailing a little about the book. We will then respond, subject to 6/ below, with contact details if the book is chosen for review. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a response to submission emails. This is a harsh reality due to the large number of review requests. If we responded to them all we would be doing nothing else.

4/ We are also happy to include bio information in the Authors section. This can be sent as part of the email or as hardcopy with the book or manuscript.

5/ Any books submitted to BookLore are sent free of charge and are not returnable. The BookLore Editor's Decisions are final. Please see note regarding Negative Reviews. Please be aware that submitting a book does not guarantee a review will be posted.

6/ GDPR - As of the 25th May 2018 BookLore will not respond to any email received unless the sender has actively confirmed their consent to receive emails from BookLore. The following ‘opt-in’ statement should be used with all initial email communications:

“I confirm BookLore can respond to this email using the address provided.”

Due to time constraints we do not respond to all emails in the general running of the site, however, if this statement (or similar) is not included we will not be able to respond even if we wanted to. See also GDPR page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

If you have already submitted an item and want to know what is happening see our Forthcoming Updates page.

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