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You Can’t Save Them All

Jeanette Michelle

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

Published : 2010

Copyright : Jeanette Michelle 2010

ISBN-10 : PB 1-4415-7477-8
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1441574770

Publisher's Write-Up

You Cant Save Them All is Jeanette Michelle’s 3rd published novel (2nd fiction novel). The story is centered on an Attorney out of Chicago where a paralegal, Lisa decides to go searching for the perfect case for her colleague Ethel to take in order to obtain fame and recognition.

Lisa stumbles across what she calls the perfect case, which is in a town her colleague, Ethel despises. Trusting Lisa’ s judgment, Ethel accepts although she is unaware of the specific details of the case. This suspense novel not only depicts the life of an attorney in the court room, but her personal life and calamities that evolves her.

About the Author:
This author Jeanette Michelle is originally from Chicago Illinois and now continues her writing and film journey in Tennessee. You Can't Save Them All is her 3rd published novel, followed by her next release, Millicent Quinones.

Jeanette Michelle now hosts an internet talk show (Dark Mantis Talk) Monday - Friday VIA the internet. To know more about this author, her up and coming projects and to tune in to listen to her show, visit

Jeanette Michelle would like to thank all that have taken the time out to read her novels and thanks to all for their support.

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Reader Reviews

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Review by Molly Martin (310310) Rating (9/10)

Review by Molly Martin
Rating 9/10
Jeanette Michelle’s You Can’t Save Them All opens as Chicago attorney Ethel Reynolds is driving home. It has been a long day, she wants little more than just getting home to a quiet evening of visiting with her guardians, the 3 children of her sister, supper and no thought of the mass of work awaiting her tomorrow. As a member of the district attorney’s staff Ethel spends many hours working on cases.

When Ethel’s colleague Lisa asks Ethel to look into a wrongful incarceration of a deaf white man down in Mississippi, Ethel’s life undergoes radical changes; the first entails a trip to the state Ethel despises.

Before long Ethel, Chicago detective Andre Kenner, Ethel’s friend Taylor, a woman with training and expertise working with the deaf as well as the deaf man’s brother and future sister in law find themselves caught up in a thorny - everyone knows, but no one talks - southern town situation. It is not an enviable place to be for the poor white family of Dowdy Dillard or the black Chicago contingent resolved to determine the guilt or innocence of Dowdy Dillard.

The reader begins a fast paced journey through a dangerous weave of long hidden secrets, gang rape of an underage girl, pregnancy, a child to be raised despite murky parentage, twisted thoughts, artificial justice, miscarriage of justice, powerful rich, white townsmen revealed as the privileged, above the law thinking louts they are and finally real justice brought to bear upon those who committed the rape so long ago.

You Can’t Save Them All is writer Michelle’s third fiction novel. This particular work precedes novel number four, Millicent Quinones, which is actually the prequel to Mycall, book two.

Filled with notable personality, writer Michelle crafts a fast paced thriller filled with convincing characters, excellent detailed settings, a credible storyline and a satisfactory conclusion. Ethel is a strong, witty woman filled with insight and determination. The scoundrels of the work are evocative of some of the instances and persons who fill the evening news now and then.

I hope writer Michelle has another narrative or two featuring attorney Ethel Reynolds planned for future writing.

While You Can’t Save Them All is the third in writer Michelle’s body of work, I found it to be a satisfactory stand alone read. On the other hand, I do plan to read the rest of the progression, Mycall, and Millicent Quinones as well as Michelle’s first book Taking Care of Henry which I believe does not feature the same cast of characters.

Happy to recommend Jeanette Michelle’s mystery thriller You Can’t Save Them All.
Molly Martin (31st March 2010)

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