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Millicent Quinones

Jeanette Michelle

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation

Published : 2010

Copyright : Jeanette Michelle 2010

ISBN-10 : PB 1-4415-8126-X
ISBN-13 : PB 978-1-4415-8126-6

Publisher's Write-Up

In order to understand Millicent Quinones, you must first read the first book written by this author titled Mycall. Millicent Quinones is a spin off from Mycall and a prequel to Mycall Part II. Millicent left Minnesota with Mycall due to an unfortunate incident beyond their control. If you like suspense, mayhem and murder you definitely will enjoy Millicent Quinones.

To better understand the characters in this novel, it’s recommended to read, Mycall followed by, You Can’t Save Them All. Millicent Quinones is a virtuous woman who was never influenced by evil, but evil and bad people always delimited her. The truth is finally revealed to Millicent, which puts her life in total disarray.

About the Author:
This author Jeanette Michelle is originally from Chicago Illinois and now continues her writing and film journey in Tennessee. You Can't Save Them All is her 3rd published novel, followed by her next release, Millicent Quinones.

Jeanette Michelle now hosts an internet talk show (Dark Mantis Talk) Monday - Friday VIA the internet. To know more about this author, her up and coming projects and to tune in to listen to her show, visit

Jeanette Michelle would like to thank all that have taken the time out to read her novels and thanks to all for their support.

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Reader Reviews

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Review by Molly Martin (310310) Rating (9/10)

Review by Molly Martin
Rating 9/10
Jeanette Michelle’s Millicent Quinones opens as the now pregnant Mycall pushes Angel’s stroller through the flower garden. It has been a difficult time for Mycall following the death of Saul; his murder had shaken her badly. Leaving Minneapolis to spend time grieving the loss of the man she hoped to marry had brought Mycall some peace.

Millie’s arrival helped fill some of Mycall’s lonely hours as she pondered the marriage proposal proffered by Saul’s brother Angelo. With the arrival of a letter for Millie revealing that a family member has been grievously injured Millicent boards a plane for Chicago to be with her family.

The narrative then picks up with a recounting of Millie’s early life with her husband Hector. The elopement marriage had taken Millie’s family by surprise. Millie hoped her marriage would prove to be as wonderful as she wanted it to be.

Before long Hector borrowed money to buy a small apartment building, Mille began ironing to earn a little extra cash. It wasn’t long before Millie discovered lipstick smears on one of Hector’s shirts, and the reader is carried along with Millie as she realizes that life may not turn out exactly as she had hoped.

Decision making, the affection of her aunt Big Momma, miscarriage, death of her husband, raising a child alone, a daughter facing problems with the law and more from the people she chooses to allow into her life, drug use, and heart ache are all a part of the tale as we follow Millicent on her life journey.

Writer Michelle writes a quick paced narrative filled with a rousing cast of intriguing characters set against a backdrop of hope, infidelity, skirting along the edge of the law, a missing child, death, and life all wrapped up in the trappings of family and extended family, despair, hope, resolution, and some unexpected twists and turns all of which serve to keep the reader turning the page from the opening chapter right down to the Epilogue.

Michelle indicates Millicent Quinones is a spin off from her first novel Mycall and serves a prequel to Mycall Part II. As such, it is suggested that Mycall be read prior to reading Millicent Quinones in order to better understand the characters, pick up the story line and gain a feel for the action and intrigue. The tale will keep the reader guessing and reading to learn what will come next.

Filled with plenty of tension, turmoil and even murder Millicent Quinones is a work of fiction that reads at times much as do the headlines for the evening news. Millicent Quinones is an honourable woman who seems destined to face and resist the influence of heartache, injustice, wickedness and a series of persons more interested in their own desires and wants than in a woman who is ready to help and ask for little in return.

Filled with noteworthy persona, writer Michelle crafts a fast paced work of creative writing peopled with true to life characters, first-rate detailed settings, a convincing storyline and a suitable of not all inclusive conclusion. Millicent proves to be a strong, clever woman filled with resolve and fortitude, as is often found in life receives little recognition for it beyond her own family and friend circle.

The rogues of the work are suggestive of occurrences and individuals who fill the evening news now and then.

Happy to recommend Jeanette Michelle’s Millicent Quinones for readers who enjoy quick paced slice of life type action drama.
Molly Martin (31st March 2010)

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