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Tarizon: The Liberator
Tarizon Trilogy Vol 1

William Manchee

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Top Publications Ltd

Published : 2008

Copyright : William Manchee 2008

ISBN-10 : HB 1-929976-48-8
ISBN-13 : HB 978-1-929976-48-5

Publisher's Write-Up

When a teenager discovers his father is working on a secret government project with aliens from the planet Tarizon, the project is compromised and Peter Turner must accept exile or be killed.

Tarizon is recovering from a series of super volcanic eruptions that nearly destroyed all life on the planet. It is slowly recovering ecologically but the political situation is volatile. The fight is between the Purists who want to rid Tarizon of a growing mutant population and eliminate all non-human intelligent life-forms, and the Loyalists who want to restore the Supreme Mandate that guarantees freedom and basic rights for all humans and other sentient beings.

Videl Lai has become Chancellor in a tainted election. Once in power, he renounces Tarizon's constitution, The Supreme Mandate, and orders the extermination of all non-human life forms.

The Loyalist party anticipating Videl's rise to power, has been planning a civil war to restore rule under the Supreme Mandate and stop the genocide. But the Loyalist Party is weak and there is little hope it will be able to defeat Videl Lai and his formidable army. The only hope seems to be a prophecy that foretells of the arrival of a Liberator from Earth who would lead a revolt to rid Tarizon of a ruthless dictator.

Peter, much to his shock and dismay, soon learns that many on Tarizon believe that he is this Liberator and is expected to lead the revolution against Videl Lai and free the Nanomites, Mutants and Seafolken from bondage.

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Review by Molly Martin (270909) Rating (9/10)

Review by Molly Martin
Rating 9/10
Lorin Boskie was a nervous young woman as she knocked on the door to her father's office. This was the second urgent summons she had received this week. Her first question was, "Where's Jake?"
Lorin's husband served as a fighter pilot in the Tarizonian global Army, TGA. Lorin had reason to fear for his safety.

Councillor Garcia assured Lorin her husband's arrival was eminent.

It is a troubling time on Tarizon, The Seafolken, the mutants, about 90% of the population believe in 'the Prophecy' and are awaiting liberation.

Vice Chancellor Videl Lai, and his determined rise to power, if successful, will mean Lai will wield all but invincible power.

The Liberator is to arrive from Earth to save the planet from a dictator.

And from that beginning the reader begins a breathless rush, in which the fortunes of seventeen-year-old Peter Tuner, Texas dwelling son of Attorney Stan Turner, and those of the Tarizon people will become enmeshed. On the pages of Cactus Island, Stan's son Peter was abducted by aliens when he unintentionally learned about their attendance here on Earth. Peter was certain that somehow his father, the CIA, who knows how many were involved.

Young Turner was startled to learn his father was missing and set out to locate him, before he was able to do so, Peter found himself caught in a torrential downpour through which an eerie blue light shone, intensified and frightened Peter more than nearly anything he had ever before encountered.

Peter's sudden abduction into a space craft, Earth Shuttle 21, brings him face to face with Lok, who is duty bound to be completely honest with Peter. A Treaty, that Peter had no idea existed between the United States and Tarizon; demands such. Peter will sleep out a year before his arrival at Tarizon, dreams, arrival, coming face to face with a fellow traveller, one Peter had thought was long dead back on earth, exiting the ship on a strange planet, assignment to temporary quarters and an assassins attack all serve to move the story forward.

Life on Tarizon, growing friendship with Lucinda Dimitri who has been assigned to assist Peter as he becomes oriented to his new surroundings, learning new language, becoming aware of what his role in this strange new land will be, battles, danger and deceit carry the reader toward the closing paragraphs of Volume 1, Tarizon: The Liberator and will leave that reader anxiously awaiting Volume 2, Tarizon: Civil War.

Writer Manchee once again has proven his growing prowess as a writer. From the formidable body of works comprising his Stan Turner series; Manchee has turned in a very different direction with his exciting Tarizon trilogy. Characters are fresh, exciting, filled with vivacity. Dialog is fitting, often gritty, hard hitting potent. Storyline is attention-grabbing, engaging and out of the ordinary. Settings are nicely detailed, reader is drawn into the action, and interest is compelling from beginning to end. Plot twists, subterfuge, stratagem, and chicanery abound, heroes are heroic, and villains are down right vicious.

Manchee has shown past proficiency for writing mysteries, he is proving adroit in this Sci Fi/Fantasy genre as well.

While Tarizon: The Liberator is listed as a spin-off of the Stan Turner Mystery series it is a book which can be read and understood without going back and reading the Mysteries. Although, I am a fan of the mysteries and suggest that if you have never read Manchee before; consider availing yourself of the mystery series as well.

Answers to questions posed in Cactus Island and Act Normal regarding Peter and Tarizon are being made known in the Tarizon Trilogy. Exciting series, exciting book.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.
Molly Martin (27th September 2009)

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