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Tarizon: Civil War
Tarizon Trilogy Vol 2

William Manchee

Average Review Rating Average Rating 9/10 (1 Review)
Book Details

Publisher : Top Publications Ltd

Published : 2009

Copyright : William Manchee 2009

ISBN-10 : HB 1-929976-52-6
ISBN-13 : HB 978-1-929976-52-2

Publisher's Write-Up

Leek Lanzia, who many believe is "the Liberator" mentioned in the Prophecy, is given command of the remnants of the mutant army after it is decimated by the TGA's seemingly invincible hovertanks. He must reorganize and rebuild the army if there is going to be any chance of stopping the TGA from marching all the way to Rigomol and overrunning the capital city. After losing a bid to becoming chancellor, Lorin aligns herself with Leek in order to preserve the organization she and her father have so painstakingly built and to save the Nanomites from Videl Lai's ordered genocide. While rebuilding the Loyalist's 3rd Army, Leek proves himself a capable leader and quickly gains the support and admiration of his soldiers and the people of Tarizon. But as the war drags on Leek yearns to rescue his mate, Lucinda, held captive by Videl Lai in the capital city of Shisk.

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Review by Molly Martin (270909) Rating (9/10)

Review by Molly Martin
Rating 9/10
William Manchee's Tarizon: Civil War continues the Sci Fi/Fantasy trilogy begun by attorney writer, Manchee, on the pages of Tarizon: The Liberator.

On the pages of Cactus Island; Stan and Rebekah Turner's son Peter was kidnapped, not by humans on earth, but by inhabitants of Tarizon who have been waiting for the one who is to lead The Seafolken and those who are awaiting liberation from a dictator growing more powerful each day.

Peter's abrupt seizure into the Tarizon space craft, Earth Shuttle 21, brings Peter to Tarizon where his new life has begun. Lucinda Dimitri who was assigned to aid Peter during his orientation to his surroundings, new language, and growing awareness of what his role in this strange new land will be, is now Peter's mate who is carrying his child. Lucinda has been taken prisoner causing Captain Leek Lanzia, as Peter is now known, to worry for her safety even as he and the 3rd Loyalist Army continue the battle against Videl Lai and his tyrant rule.

Despite the prophesy that eventually the Liberator will be victorious, the ongoing battle continues right now. Tarizon: Civil War Vol 2 opens with death, destruction and a dearth of supplies; The Battle of Tribution is well underway.

Hovertanks, intelligence briefings, an Earth Shuttle Rendezvous, T-47 fighters and TGA troops, a woman named Tehra, a momentous election, an order from Videl Lai to begin genocide of all Nanomite swarms telepathic communication and battles, more than a few battles, all serve to forward the tale in this action packed, fast paced narrative.

The death of Videl Lai might have signalled the end to the war were it not for the charge he gave to his son. Evohn Cystrom watched horrified as his father was torn apart by two rhutz, as much as Evohn wanted to go to his father's aid he could not. Videl Lai, while his adoptive father, was good to Evohn as any parent might be. It was Evohn who had managed to abduct the Liberator's mate, General Zitor and Lorin Boskie and to deliver them into the hands of the TGA. For that deed Evohn had received a promotion to Captain and now, his father was dead.

With the death of Lai; Evohn Cystrom had been ordered to take the shuttle back to Clarion and implement Operation Conquest Earth. So be it, if that was his mission, it was one Evohn would see to the end.

The news of the fall of Shisk and Videl's death was cause for the people of Tarizon to take to the streets in celebration. With the fall of the TGA the 3rd Army quickly entered Shisk and marched to the Capitol Building. Seafolken had secured the site, the 3rd and 5th Loyalist Armies took control of the city as well as the state of Soni. The terms of surrender were generous, while the TGA soldiers were required to give up their arms, they were sent home following their taking an oath to never take up arms again unless they were members of the Loyalist Army.

Captain Lanzia was a little puzzled when Threebeard asked to have a private face to face conversation with him. His puzzlement intensified as Leek listened to Threebeard's confession that the attempt for rescue of his mate was thwarted by Threebeard himself. However, any anger Lanzia might have felt was eased as he listened to Threebeard's explanation.

I have followed Manchee's writing from the beginning of his first series featuring attorney Stan Turner and his family. I have yet to be disappointed in any of Manchee's burgeoning body of work.

Once more he proves his increasing expertise as a writer. Manchee's turn from human Stan Turner to the people of Tarizon has been accomplished with innovation and imagination. Characters continue bright, stirring, and overflowing with energy. Dialog as always is appropriate, often resolute, and pounding with strength. This particular genre stratagem is compelling, appealing and more than a little extraordinary.

Situations are meticulous in depth bringing the reader straight into the action. Concentration is undeniable from commencement of the book right to the last sentences. As always story line interweaving includes, tactics, subterfuge, an abundance of chicanery all portrayed in will conceived prose. Manchee's, heroes continue valiant, while his scoundrels continue to be out-and-out brutal.

As Manchee has shown excellent aptitude for crafting compelling mysteries, he is proving as competent fashioning his Sci Fi/Fantasy offerings also. While the Tarizon Trilogy is loosely a by-product of the Stan Turner Mystery series this new genre series is readable and well understood without going back and reading the Mysteries for background.

I am a fan of Manchee mysteries and advocate that if you have never read any of Manchee's work in the past; please do consider his other writings in addition to this trilogy.

I find the Trilogy to be a stirring series, and Tarizon: Civil War Volume 2 to be an electrifying book.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.
Molly Martin (27th September 2009)

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